rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 3 Oct 2017
Best Transport Media and Swab for Flu

Multichannel Pipetting to Make You Smile

Take the ‘pain’ out of multichannel pipetting - INTEGRA’s handheld multichannel pipettes and GripTip system allow tips to effortlessly snap onto the pipette and ensures they are always firmly attached, perfectly aligned and easily ejected.

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Benchmarking of the Microsart® AMP Mycoplasma Kit

Study shows Microsart® AMP Mycoplasma Kit has the least variability and highest reproducibility of results compared to two other NAT Mycoplasma kits on the market, with the advantage of chilled rather than frozen reagents.

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Hygiena Expands Testing Portfolio to Cover Entire Contamination Detection Spectrum

Hygiena now covers the entire spectrum of reliable contamination detection, from sample collection to screening of indicator organisms to specific microbial characterisation.

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Microbiologics Add GFP-Marked Control Strains of L. monocytogenes

Using fluorescence, UV-BioTAG is a quick, reliable way to check whether a positive test result has derived from cross-contamination with QC organisms. Three different L. monocytogenes strains (Serotypes 4b, 1/2a and 1/2b) have now been added to the UV-BioTAG line.

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Automated Microbiology Systems: Building a Business Case

Thinking of moving towards automation for your microbiology lab? This test method guide from rapidmicrobiology gives you a check list for what you should be considering when preparing your business case.

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Chromogenic Solutions for Food Safety; Simply Color-ific

Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology

This Weeks Featured Product

Charles River MS Cortex - Maintain Your Data Integrity

Run your Facility. Don’t Let it Run You.
Concerned about maintaining your data integrity compliance status? Managing your equipment fleet? Upcoming regulatory inspections?
You’re supposed to run your facility, not the other way around.
As an all-encompassing endotoxin test management platform, Charles River Cortex™ empowers you to make informed, confident decisions while maintaining a centralized state of control throughout your manufacturing facility.
Discover how to take charge of your data, equipment, and reporting with Charles River Cortex™.

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SMi's Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference

Dedicated presentations, keynote sessions and workshops, with topics covering biofilms, validation, data analysis, bioburden, toxins, microbial identification, mycoplasma testing, and contamination control.


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