rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 13 March 2018
Webinar - Best Practices for Environmental Monitoring

Listeria Detection Made Easy

There is no need for confusion about what method to use for Listeria food and environmental testing. The answer is here — Bio-Rad offers a complete solution that simplifies your Listeria testing options for faster, more comprehensive results.

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Salmonella from Recent Contamination of Baby Milk Gives Atypical Colonies on XLD

The strain of S.agona isolated from baby milk, produces atypical colonies on XLD, false negative reporting can be (could have been?) prevented by using Rambach™ agar or CHROMagar™ Salmonella Plus as the second selective media.

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Reliable and Efficient Lab Autoclaves at Analytica 2018

Visit the Priorclave stand at Analytica and see their comprehensive laboratory autoclave range that includes benchtop, top and front loading autoclaves, pass-through, power-door and stackable machines.

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Improved BagFilter P - Blender Bags with a Lateral Filter

INTERSCIENCE's best selling blender bags, BagFilter P, just got better with more ergonomic and user-friendly features including easier insertion of micropipettes and pipette straws, plus visual check of diluent volume and marking zone for traceability data.

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Upgrade Sample Preparation Flexibility and Ease of Use with UPHO

The UPHO tissue homogenizer from Geneye is a new device for the rapid and effective disruption and homogenization of samples including hard and soft animal and human tissue, plant materials, cells, yeast, algae and bacteria.

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Microbiology Insider - Validation and Verification
creating modified atmospheres

This Weeks Featured Product


4th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit – Annapolis, MD, USA
12 – 14 June 2018
Lonza invites you to attend the 4th Endotoxin Testing Summit 2018, a vivid platform to:
Network with QC directors, lab managers, key opinion leaders, users and regulators
Gain insight into hot topics, such as overcoming data integrity, low endotoxin recovery (LER), new regulatory guidelines, and novel endotoxin testing approaches
Enjoy a trip to “Horseshoe Crab Beach” to help save horseshoe crabs, stranded during spawning.

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