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Get more consistency and reliability in BET results
Baker Bugbox

Compare Baker Ruskinn Bugbox to Anaerobic Jars – True Cost Calculator!

This calculator works out the true costs in materials and labor for Anaerobic or Microaerophilic Jars/Packs and compares it to the costs of buying and running a Baker Ruskinn incubated anaerobic or microaerophilic workstation. Compare today!

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Ready-to-use PyroMAT™ In Vitro System

Pyrogen Detection: Want to stop using animal based methods and get higher sensitivity?
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Explore Bacterial Endotoxin Testing from Charles River

As the most sensitive and robust assay available, LAL has transformed from a qualitative gel-clot assay to a 15-minute quantitative assay available right on the production floor. See how you can achieve more consistency and reliability in your BET results with Charles River.

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ENDONEXT™ - The Evolution of Endotoxin Testing

ENDOZYME® II GO is the latest member of bioMérieux’s ENDONEXT™ range of endotoxin detection assays based on sustainable recombinant horseshoe crab Factor C (rFC). The new assay was developed with focus on two important needs: efficiency and consistency.

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Endotoxin-Specific LAL Reagents

Endotoxin-Specific LAL Reagents for Every User and for Every Method

For anyone working with the manufacture of injectable pharmaceuticals, water, food, cosmetics, dialysis, PET tracers and others, PYROSTAR™ES-F is MUST to insure safe, accurate, and highly reproducible results to support all aspects of your quality testing needs

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Study Shows Not all ATP Systems Product Stable, Consistent Results

A third party evaluation study of ATP detection systems for hygiene monitoring found the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System was the only one to provide stable and consistent results across time and temperature.

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contact plates with 12 month shelf life

This Weeks Featured Product

Data Integrity for Endotoxin Testing

Look Closer! Data Integrity Webinar Archive
QC professionals know that data integrity and its practical maintenance are crucial for the quality of products and safety of patients. But how does it apply to endotoxin testing?
Our webinar archive, “The Importance of Data Integrity for Endotoxin Testing” is available for viewing in our QC Insider™ Toolbox. Our support tool provides:
- A comprehensive overview of data integrity and recent guidance from the FDA
- How to help reduce risk in your QC process workflow
Become a QC Insider™ Expert today and learn more about data integrity and why it matters.

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4th Annual QC Micro Workshop – Charleston, SC

Offering hands-on workshops, networking forums, and in-depth technical lectures, we’ve revamped our 4th annual QC Micro Workshop to allow you to keep pace with new industry trends, technologies, and methods.

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6th Annual Microbiome Forum

Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA

Global Engage announce the 6th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum:


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