rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 10 July 2018 USA
Real time PCR solutions for food microbiology

RAPID’B. cereus Detects and Counts All Pathogenic B. cereus in Foods

Bio-rad's RAPID’B.cereus is the first chromogenic medium to detect and enumerate all pathogenic Bacillus cereus in food samples. Media achieves ideal balance between selectivity and sensitivity.

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Acumedia® and Lab M® Brands Become Neogen Culture Media

Acumedia and Lab M products are being combined and rebranded as Neogen Culture Media, the product line supports compliance with global reference methods (such as ISO, BAM, and MLG) across multiple industries, with a particular focus on food safety testing.


COPAN Launches CYCLONE AUTO-PREP™ with Smart Incubators and AI at IAFP

The CYCLONE AUTO-PREP™ fully automates the traditional pour plate method for TVCs on liquid samples, with optional Smart Incubators and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automatic colony counting and colony recognition.

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Strategic Consulting: 5th Edition Industrial Microbiology Market Report

Industrial Microbiology Market Report, 5th Edition (IMMR-5) characterizes the worldwide growth in industrial microbiology markets including market size, growth rates, specifics on where and how testing occurs - report prospectus available for download.

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Cherwell Enhances Quality Management System

Quality management system ISO9001:2015 affirms that Cherwell is operating to stringent QA and manufacturing standards, enabling its pharmaceutical customers to have complete confidence in the company’s range of cleanroom microbiology products.

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This Weeks Featured Product


Read Hygiene Insider Today!
The newest issue of Neogen’s Insider Magazine is out! This time focusing on hygiene, a crucial element for any organisation in the food industry.
Take a look at the science behind ATP hygiene monitoring systems and find out why Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced is the only ATP system validated by AOAC
Discover how Neogen’s samplers, Data Manager software and online cloud system, NeoNet™, make monitoring hygiene easier and more effective. You can also read what customers have to say about Neogen’s hygiene monitoring system and how its implementation on their sites has worked for them.

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PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Delve into the future of pharmaceutical microbiology, focusing on how industry and global regulatory experts can work together to solve highly complex problems and develop novel, compliant, and robust solutions to ensure products are of the highest quality for patients. Register Today


Browse new and existing products for food microbiology on show at IAFP 2018. Includes:
- Fully automated TVC pour plates
- New B. cereus chromogenic agar,
- Next day Listeria from swabs,
- Track and identify Listeria strains from enrichment broth
- Plus allergen test kits, simpler sample prep with less plastic waste, and many more.