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Whitehouse Labs Opens New Microbiology Lab

Whitehouse Laboratories has completed construction on a new Microbiological Laboratory. The new stand-alone facility will be strictly dedicated to basic USP 61, USP 62 and USP 51 testing specific to raw materials and will enable new and existing clients the chance to have complete chemistry and micro testing performed by one supplier. Management has formally announced that the facility will be cGMP ready for sample testing in January 2016. The final steps to completion are underway and include the placement and formal qualification of new state of the art instruments and supplies.

“Based upon client demand and need for a one stop shop approach when it comes to outsourced testing, we felt the addition of micro testing was the logical next step in our growth and expansion program” said Therese Abrenica, Director of Technical Services for Whitehouse Labs. “The addition of micro testing services will offer our clients a comprehensive testing service that includes all facets (chemistry and microbiological) of testing required for product approval and enhances and supports the extensive raw material testing services we currently offer. This expansion will also mean the creation of additional New Jersey based jobs.”

The USP 61 product safety testing is required to insure that a products preparation complies with a pre-set specification for microbiological quality and is similar to an aerobic plate count assay as it determines if a product is contaminated with bacteria or fungi. In a similar function, USP 62 testing evaluates for specific pathogens to include S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, Salmonella species, Clostridial species, fungal organisms and a qualitative MPN for bile-tolerant Gram negative bacteria. USP 51 is a preservative effectiveness test that is commonly required for raw materials used in the production of drug products.

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Date Published: December 8, 2015

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