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vPCR System Detects DNA/RNA Only from Living Cells

GenIUL expands the applications of vPCR with its PAUL (photoactivation universal light) system enabling photoactivation of samples in multiple containers other than microtubes.

Until now, standardizing viability PCR (vPCR) photoactivation, had been restricted to the use of the Phast Blue, a device exclusively devised for use with microtubes. GenIUL's PAUL system opens the doors to standardization of vPCR assays in numerous containers such as microplates, culture bottles and filtration membranes.

Photo Activation Universal Light (PAUL) system is thermally stable with a constant and uniform light dose and is compatible with ELISA plates, culture plates and bottles, Petri dishes and filtration membranes.

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Date Published: December 17, 2013 » company contact details
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