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19th May 2015  Content supplied by: Gibson Bioscience

Using Positive Displacement To Pipette Blood and Viscous Samples

New application notes from Gilson describe how using positive displacement technology can help solve the issues of pipetting problem liquids.

Gilson’s MICROMAN E positive displacement pipette with its Capillary Pistons helps scientists counter common pipetting problems that may affect accuracy and precision when working with problem liquids. Problems they may have faced include: microlitres of viscous liquids sticking to the tip of the pipette, volatile liquids creating leakage in the tip or even under-delivered hot liquids.

The MICROMAN E’s new advanced ergonomic design ensures accuracy and precision with the highest ease-of-use and control. A larger push button, comfortable finger hook, and a patented QuickSnap unique CP fitting system makes MICROMAN E as intuitive and simple to use as a regular pipette.

Application note on Pipetting blood samples and plasma - describes how using positive displacement pipetting improves diagnostic analysis by allowing exact and secure pipetting of blood and plasma by comparison with air displacement pipettes. With positive displacement pipettes, the liquid does not come into contact with the pipette. MICROMAN E uses a disposable Capillary Piston so the piston scrubs on the inside wall of Capillary Piston and can dispense whole blood and plasma. Furthermore Capillary Piston isolates the aspirated sample from the inside parts of the pipette, by eliminating the air space between the piston and sample and by eliminating the risks of cross contamination that could affect results. There is no air cushion, in this way, the physical properties of the liquid have very little influence on the volume of the liquid to be aspirated or dispensed.

Download the application note: LT805006 - Exact and secure pipetting of plasma and whole blood with MICROMAN E.

Application note on pipetting Pharmaceutical formulations - when liquids can very viscous, they can be difficult to pipette and can cause residual carry-over. Some problem liquids like glycerol stay in the tip when dispensing. Comparisons between an air displacement pipette and a positive displacement pipette, shows the MICROMAN E, can give more accurate and precise dispensing of viscous liquids. Thus, the MICROMAN E, in combination with Capillary Pistons, is capable of pipetting and dispensing viscous liquids and water with similar precision and accuracy.

Download the application note: LT805005 - Improve pipetting results in pharmaceutical formulation by using MICROMAN E.




Date Published: 19th May 2015

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