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5th March 2018  Content supplied by: Geneye

Upgrade Sample Preparation Flexibility and Ease of Use with UPHO

UPHO tissue homogenizerThe UPHO tissue homogenizer from Geneye is a new device for the rapid and effective disruption and homogenization of samples including hard and soft animal and human tissue, plant materials, cells, yeast, algae and bacteria.   “The UPHO homogenizer is a perfect fit in any busy biology or food laboratory. UPHO enables scientists to process a wide range of sample types prior to DNA, RNA or protein analysis all with a single device” says Guillaume Piquet, Business Manager for Geneye “Multiple samples can be simultaneously disrupted and homogenized by high-frequency shaking with a choice of glass, ceramic or metal beads, depending on the sample type, in sealed tubes preventing cross-contamination”.   UPHO’s ability to deal with a full range of samples types is complemented by an extensive range of accessories:

  • Adaptors - for sample tubes from 1.5 to 50 mL - for cryogenic sample processing - with sample tube capacity from 2 to 64
  • Beads - Glass, Ceramic, Steel and Wolfram Steel - Diameters from 0.1 to 15 mm
  • Sample tubes and cans

Amazingly quiet (less than 65 dB), very good looking and tough, UPHO facilitates the rapid and reproducible homogenization of even difficult to process tissues and materials as well as a wide variety of mammalian cell types, bacteria, yeast and algae with:

  • Digital control of all parameters
  • Touch screen programming
  • Your custom sample preparation protocols are safely saved to on-board memory allowing consistent day-to-day use of same protocols by different scientists

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Date Published: 5th March 2018

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