21st June 2021  Content supplied by: Fapon Biotech Inc.

The Pressing Need for Early Detection of Mucormycosis During COVID-19

Mucormycosis or black fungus, a devastating infection that soars in India during COVID-19 has seized global attention. Recently, the country's mucormycosis cases reached over 57,150 and resulted in 54% mortality. Apart from the association with high diabetes prevalence in India, COVID-19 infected countries (Pakistan, Russia, Nepal, Chile, Brazil, etc.) have also described the same issue, areas with high diabetes and COVID-19 infection rates should be alarmed.

Unfortunately, mucormycosis is always being diagnosed late with prolonged COVID-19 healthcare burdens that deteriorate the situation. As a company making continuous research and contribution to the world's major infectious diseases with the mission to Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable, Fapon Biotech Inc. calls for cooperation with academic and industry partners in developing mucormycosis diagnostic tests to ease the challenge by sharing the abilities of upstream raw material development platforms and downstream reagent application platforms. Tell us how we can help you develop your mucormycosis assay today. 

Your Trusted Partner, Fapon Biotech Inc.
  • 20+ years of diagnostic industry experience, 1000+ partners worldwide with 10+ years of business operation in India
  • Mainstream COVID-19 reagent raw material suppliers with proven experiences helping partners to launch accredited COVID-19 reagents in a short time, which has supported the manufacturing of 1,000,000,000 COVID-19 diagnostic tests in the world
  • A strong relationship with laboratories and IVD manufacturers in India provides fast access to resources and commercial opportunities, such as clinical samples for research and product validation, technology iterations, product launch, and promotion, etc.

Accelerate Your Workflow of Black Fungus Assay from Biomarker Discovery to Commercialization
  • Design-Fusion Protein Expression & Purification Platform / Antibody Engineering Technology Platform / RabMAbs Technology Platform
  • Production- Large-Scale Fermentation Platform
  • Quality Control- Antigen & Antibody Application Performance Evaluation Platform / Physical & Chemical Analysis Platform

Other Hot-Selling Products to Combat Covid-19
  • NP Antibodies for Ag Test
  • N & S Proteins for Ab test
  • Neutralizing Antibody Test Solution
  • HAMA Blocker for Ag Test
  • Secondary Antibodies
  • Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Solution
  • Enzymes for Fast Nucleic Acid Test & Isothermal Amplification
  • Lyophilized One-Step RT-PCR Mix
  • NGS Test Solution for Variant Identification

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Date Published: 21st June 2021

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