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3rd February 2014  Content supplied by: Alpha Labs

The Complete Solution for Safe, Easy Specimen Transport

Alpha Laboratories helps make the task of getting patient samples, specimens or other bio-hazardous materials, from A to B, easier and more economical.

95kPA/SpeciSafe®Our complete storage, packaging and mailing solution combines an extensive range of 95kPa compliant sample vials with SpeciSafe® secondary packaging and mailing envelopes, ready-labelled according to the UN3373 standard. Together these make regulatory adherence quick, simple and convenient.

Whether you need to transport blood, serum, urine, faeces or swabs, there is a combination of Alpha Labs consumables to meet your needs.

Our range of sample vials includes Universal and Bijou containers in clear polystyrene or durable polypropylene. These have secure screw caps to ensure leak-free performance and are offered with a variety of label formats. They are manufactured under cleanroom conditions and CE marked in accordance with the IVD Directive 98/79/EC. The Universal containers are available with an option of a sampling scoop attached to the cap – ideal for stool collection etc. For preservation of urine samples, a Bijou containing Boric Acid is available. Alpha Labs also offers a very wide range of screw cap microtubes, cryovials and larger volume transport tubes.

The convenient, ready-to-use, single piece SpeciSafe pack provides shock-resistant protection for your primary containers. The unique ultra-absorbent gel-based lining ensures absolutely no leaks from the pack, should the primary container become compromised. One side is made from transparent material. Labels can easily be read without opening the pack and any potential leaks are visible, protecting the user from risk of exposure to the hazardous contents. The flat-pack SpeciSafe design means sample packs can be mailed as ‘large letters’, thus reducing postage costs. Included in the range are multiple options for transport of Vacutainer®, Vacuette® or Vacutest® blood collection tubes.

To complete the packaging solution a range of ready-labelled, UN3373 compliant mailing envelopes is available. Envelopes can even be provided with customised labels to include your required address and unique Royal Mail business reply reference.

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Date Published: 3rd February 2014

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