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4th February 2020  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Testing Food for Salmonella - How Much Do You Know? - Quiz

Salmonella is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness across the globe. Novel serotypes are continually being isolated from patients suffering from Salmonellosis. How this organism from the Enterobacteriaceae family ends up in produce of no animal origin, is a mystery to many.  Whether its tahini or infant formula, the amount needed to be ingested to cause illness can be minimal. As these new serovars with uncharacteristic phenotypes are being isolated, new international protocols are being published.

To make matters worse, the rise of antibiotic-resistant serovars of Salmonella has brought meat production under scrutiny due to the seriousness of the infection. Keeping up to date with this ever-evolving organism and the testing protocols that go with it is a must for any food microbiologist out there. Take this quiz and share it amongst your colleagues to see how well your lab is prepared. 




Date Published: 4th February 2020

Source article link: https://www.qzzr.com/widget/quiz/fi9xdWl6emVzLzQ3NDg1Mw

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