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Specialist Catalogue for Microscopy Illumination

LED illumination cataloguePrior Scientific has published a new 12-page catalogue that brings together its range of high performance LED and metal halide light sources proven to provide the best possible illumination for your microscopy work.

Regardless of microscopy technique, high quality imaging requires high performance illumination in order to obtain the best possible results. Prior Scientific has designed a range of precisely engineered, reliable and long lasting light sources tailored to the exacting requirements of scientists across a broad range of disciplines.

The new catalogue details Prior’s expanding range of LED illumination sources that offer many advantages for brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy. The extreme speed with which LED sources can be turned on and off makes them ideal where rapid bursts of illumination are required, negating the need for shutters. In addition, the light levels are consistent, and can be precisely controlled to provide clear, repeatable illumination whilst the low amounts of heat and vibration produced reduce disruption during the imaging process.

Full technical specifications are also provided for Prior's Lumen range of metal halide light sources that produce an intense spectrum which is similar, yet superior, to that of traditional HBO mercury lamps. The output of these metal halide bulbs corresponds exceptionally well to the peak excitation wavelengths of the majority of commonly used fluorescent dyes used in microscopy applications.

The catalogue also contains information describing a selection of filter wheels and shutters which are vital for accurately regulating light transmission during the imaging process.

Click here to download the brochure from Prior Scientific Ltd website / telephone +44-1223-881711 / email:uksales@prior.com

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Tags: Microscopy

Date Published: June 3, 2015

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