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2nd April 2020  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Saliva Based COVID-19 Prototype Looking for Partners to Bring Kit to Market

A research team based in Iran have been working on detecting the presence of COVID-19 by identifying specific proteins on the viral surface that can cause a colour change in the presence of particular indicator reagents. 

The advantages of using saliva include:

  • specimen collection can be done without a healthcare professional
  • no additional equipment such as swabs or transport media are needed
  • as nasopharyngeal specimens can be 'uncomfortable' use of saliva-based testing may encourage recruits to clinical trials of vaccines.

So far two prototypes have been designed:

1) For Home Testing: Disposable test kits where an individual adds a saliva sample into a vial containing the indicator reagent, the presence of the COVID-19 virus is indicated by a positive test as shown by a colour change.

2) Reusable Low Cost Test Kits for Healthcare Professionals:  Where there is a low concentration of virus in saliva, for example in the first days after infection, viral proteins can be concentrated using a saliva condensation function. In this situation, multiple samples of saliva are placed into a device which can condensate the samples to increase concentration of any virus present. After the test has been completed, the vessel can be disinfected for ready for re-use.

One of the most important properties of this approach is a much lower error rate than has been found in other devices. (errors found in other tests are in various submitted articles to different journals). The re-usable nature of this professional test could make it a practical solution for low-income countries where large scale expensive PCR testing is not an option.

If you feel your company has the expertise and backing to help bring this prototype to market please click on the 'request information' form below.



Date Published: 2nd April 2020

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