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19th August 2014  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

Results of USDA Study on Water-Based Aflatoxin Tests

As part of the National Mycotoxin Quality Assurance Program, the USDA Grain Inspection Advisory Committee has released the results of a comparative study on water-based aflatoxin test kits.

Neogen, Charm, and Envirologix test kits were compared against a GIPSA reference method. Neogen’s Reveal® Q+ Aflatoxin Green test and one other compared favorably against the reference method in the detection of aflatoxins in ground corn. “GIPSA’s study showed our test most closely compares to the GIPSA reference method,” said Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president of Food Safety. “Our Reveal Q+ tests for mycotoxins are designed to be the easiest and most reliable quantitative tests for mycotoxins available, and they are performing to specifications.”

The results of the study are posted on the USDA website and can be found by clicking here. Reveal Q+ for Aflatoxin Green delivers precise results ranging from 2 to 150 parts per billion (ppb) of aflatoxin after only 6 minutes. Reveal Q+ test strips are read in Neogen’s AccuScan® lateral flow test reader to deliver quantitative results.

Neogen’s test offers room temperature incubation of the test strip and storage of the test kit — eliminating the need for an incubator and refrigeration space, and requires minimal equipment to achieve precise results.



Date Published: 19th August 2014

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