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1st July 2014  Content supplied by: Microbiology International

Ready-to-use MediaBox™ Demi-Fraser Broth Now Available

Microbiology International can now offer liquid MediaBox™ Demi-Fraser broth for the selective enrichment of Listeria species. The 5L Demi-Fraser MediaBox™ is fully prepared and ready-to-use, and offers competitive pricing compared to powder media + supplement. No weighing messy powder or time-consuming sterilization process!

MediaBox™ broths and buffers are fresh, easy-to-use and come in a convenient stackable storage box with a long shelf life.

MediaBox sterile liquids include: - Demi-Fraser broth - mTSB - modified UVM - Lactose broth - Butterfields and Sterile water - Custom formulations are also available.

All MediaBox™ products pass strict quality control protocols and include Certificate of Analysis documentation. MediaBox sterile liquids come in 5L, 10L and 20L boxes.

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Date Published: 1st July 2014

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