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16th February 2021  Content supplied by: Pall Corporation

Rapid Quantification & Identification of L. pneumophila Serogroup 1

Pall GeneDisc Technologies provides complete solutions to water system network managers for real-time Legionella risk management.

  • Reduce down-time - Shorter time to results enables reactive surveillance preventing delayed intervention on water networks and system closures.
  • Implement appropriate and effective disinfection measures - Mapping water system networks with the GeneDisc system identifies and targets contaminated pipework and water points.
  • In line with NF T 90-471 and ISO/TS 12869 - NF VALIDATION certified method against both standards.
  • Quantify Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila simultaneously - GeneDisc Plate Legionella DUO enables combined detection and quantification of both Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila using the same sample preparation and without any additional hands-on time.
  • Directly detect and identify Legionella - GeneDisc Plate Legionella ID enables rapid source screening and the identification of Legionella spp., L. pneumo, and L. pneumophila Serogroup 1.



Date Published: 16th February 2021

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