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22nd March 2012  Content supplied by: Celsis Rapid Detection

Rapid Microbial Testing of Soy and Nut-based Beverage Products

Celsis Rapid Detection Launches New RapiScreen™ Soy Beverage Kit

Celsis Rapid Detection have launched RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit, specifically designed for the detection of microbial contamination in soy and nut milks and similar beverage products.

The RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit provides beverage manufacturers with test results in as few as 48 hours, compared to 4-14 days with traditional methods, enabling them to release their products to market faster.

As the leading rapid detection system provider globally, Celsis Rapid Detection is committed to developing products to meet the ever-changing needs of the beverage, dairy and food industry. This new kit complements Celsis' existing range of testing systems and meets a growing demand by customers for rapid testing of the increasingly popular soy- and nut-based drinks, including flavored and/or sweetened almond, coconut and rice milks. Celsis also has a RapiScreen beverage kit that is used to test a broad range of fruit and vegetable juices including orange, aloe and mango.

"As part of Celsis' continuous improvement program we are pleased to launch the new RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit. Traditionally soy-based beverages have been more difficult to test using ATP bioluminescence because the amount of background ATP in the product can vary significantly. While Celsis' latest Innovate.im software v5 offers the ability to compensate for product variability, the new Celsis Soy kit has been specially formulated to deplete background ATP in soy- and nut-based beverages, allowing manufacturers to more effectively test their products," said Jeremy Robertson, Product Manager at Celsis Rapid Detection.

Manufacturers of packaged beverage products can use the Celsis RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit in conjunction with the Celsis Innovate™ luminometer and Innovate.im software to rapidly confirm the absence of microbial contamination. This helps companies save time and money by freeing up warehouse space and getting safe products to market faster.

For more information about Celsis' products and services for the beverage, dairy and food industries please visit www.celsis.com/food-and-beverage



Date Published: 22nd March 2012

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