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6th January 2020  Content supplied by: SciLabware Ltd.

Ramboldi® Consumables for Clinical Applications

Scilabware is pleased to offer the Ramboldi range of single use plastic products for use in general microbiology and life science applications. Specifically aimed at customers within the healthcare sector we offer a range of sterile products suitable for the management of patient samples.

Key single-use plastic products within the Ramboldi® range are detailed below;

  • Sample Containers - for the collection of urine, fecal and tissue samples
    • 7ml to 250ml
    • Leak-free screw cap
    • Supplied sterile by Eto sterilisation

  • Urine Tubes - enabling the samples to be loaded directly into racking for the growing area of automated urine sample processing
    • 10ml volume
    • Available with collection cup
    • Available plain or with boric acid preservative

  • Inoculating Loops - 1µl and 10µl loops for accurate volume sample transfer during sample processing
    • Supplied sterile in inner bags of 20 pieces

  • Transfer pipettes – 1ml and 3ml for general liquid handling applications

  • Autoclave bags - for safe contaminated waste disposal


All relevant products are CE marked in accordance with the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC.

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Date Published: 6th January 2020

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