Sino Biological recombinant allergen proteins are core reagents for allergen detection

21st September 2020  Content supplied by: NSI Lab Solutions

Precise Inoculation Without Tedious Preparation - Unit Dose™ CRM

Each Unit Dose product is a small water-soluble, flash-dissolving pellet containing a certified concentration of traceable microorganisms. Provided in a ready-to-use format requiring no preparation, enrichment, or pre-incubation, Unit Dose products are accredited reference materials under ISO Guide 34 and suitable for a variety of microbiological test methods, including AOAC, USP, FDA BAM, and USDA MLG. Unit Dose products are designed for accurate quantitative quality control to allow precise inoculation using traceable microorganism strains.

Unit Dose pellets are formulated to contain between 10-100 CFU with a low standard deviation. Each pellet is individually packaged in a vacuum-sealed glass vial with a shelf life of 18 months when stored in a standard freezer. Re-hydrated Unit Dose microorganism pellets maintain robust viability and genetic equivalence to the parent cell line from which they were derived. NSI’s proprietary manufacturing process affords reliable product performance and low variance across the entire production lot, which means you can count on predictable results from every Unit Dose vial, every time. 

Customers can now skip the tedious preparation of lab culturing viable microorganism suspensions for routine assays. Unit Dose microorganism pellets let you hydrate and go. 



Date Published: 21st September 2020

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