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PathoGenetix Launches RESOLUTION Microbial Genotyping System

PathoGentetix ResolutionThe RESOLUTION Microbial Genotyping System has been developed for food safety testing and foodborne illness outbreak investigations.

Protocols have been developed that enable the analysis of food and clinical samples, providing molecular serotype and strain type for target pathogens in as few as five hours, without the need for a pure culture isolate.

The system is fully automated and includes the instrument, pathogen databases, bioinformatics and data analysis software, and pathogen-specific assays.

The RESOLUTION System is based on PathoGenetix’s proprietary Genome Sequence Scanning™ (GSS™) technology, initially developed to detect bio-threat pathogens in environmental samples under a five-year contract with the Department of Homeland Security.

The breakthrough genotyping technology isolates and analyzes DNA direct from complex mixtures, without the need for a pure culture isolate and provides molecular serotype and strain type information for target bacteria in just five hours. The strain type information provided by GSS is comparable to pulsed field gel electrophoresis, the current gold standard for pathogen identification.

The RESOLUTION has a comprehensive Pathogen Library that includes 371 strains of Salmonella, 402 strains of E.coli and 53 strains of Listeria enabling significantly improved rapid and accurate identification. Users are able to add new strains to the library.

Tags: Listeria, Genotyping, Identification, Salmonella, Escherichia coli

Date Published: September 4, 2015

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