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14th May 2021  Content supplied by: Alpha Laboratories Ltd

Packing and Shipping Sample Tubes is Easy and Cost Effective with ShuttlePouch™

The ShuttlePouch™ range of leak-proof pouches is designed to carry individual 95kPa pressure differential certified blood or urine specimen tubes (or any similar sized specimen tube). They include absorbent material already inside the pouch for convenient compliance to UN3373 packaging requirements. 

The pouches also feature a transparent front so the tube and label are clearly visible.  An easy to open tear area facilitates processing when the samples arrive at the lab.

The ShuttlePouch™ range is exclusive to Alpha Laboratories in the UK and Ireland and provides a powerful, cost-effective solution to the clinical and diagnostic market.

Each leak-proof bio-pouch is printed with easy-to-follow instructions showing how to pack and seal the specimen tube. Simply add a rigid outer packaging box for a complete and compliant UN3373 solution.

In addition, the 95kPa pressure differential compliant ShuttlePouch is certified for transport by air (IATA). With all the features described above, they can be used with any leak-free tube for transport by road or air.

ShuttlePouch™ addresses the needs of customers, radically improving the user experience and reducing the cost of packing and shipping sample tubes compared with using conventional methods.

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Date Published: 14th May 2021

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