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Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipette Improves Productivity & Reproducibility

INTEGRA reports on a
Posted: 2015-11-17 C F O P V W

Sterile Workspace for Preparation of RNA & DNA Samples

Cleaver Scientific
Posted: 2015-11-16 O

Smallest Footprint 100 Litre Lab Autoclave

Small footprint autoclave With a large diameter sterilising chamber and a small footprint the Priorclave QCS 100 laboratory autoclave is a truly versatile machine ideal for labs limited on space.
Posted: 2015-11-16 C CP F O P V W

The Inlabtec Serial Diluter: A Success Story!

Innovative system for serial dilutions for plate counts has enabled the QC laboratory at Wander AG to test more samples with same resources.
Posted: 2015-11-12 CP F O P

Wickham Labs Now Offer MALDI-ToF Identification Service

Microbial identification service using MALDI-ToF is now available from Wickham Laboratories.
Posted: 2015-11-09 F O P

New Oilfield Microbiology Capabilities in Abu Dhabi

Intertek’s Abu Dhabi Technology Centre offers a complete range of oilfield microbiology solutions including training in microbiology awareness and oilfield microbiology method sampling procedures.
Posted: 2015-11-09 O

Micro Bioreactor Provides Enhanced Microbial Strain Screening

The new ambr® 15 fermentation Micro Scale Bioreactor System from Sartorius Stedim Biotech has 24 single-use stirred micro bioreactor giving better microbial strain screening and with fed-batch capability.
Posted: 2015-11-09 O

Case Studies in Pharmaceutical Microbiology from PHSS and AstraZeneca

PHSS and AstraZeneca will be presenting at the 5th annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference in London, Jan 2016. There's a discounted price for rapidmicrobiology visitors.
Posted: 2015-11-02 O P

Integra Reagent Reservoirs - Video Demo

Multichannel A new short and engaging SimpleShow’ format video from INTEGRA introduces and explains the unique features and benefits of their Multichannel Pipette Reagent Reservoirs
Posted: 2015-11-02 C CP F O P V W

New Faces in Priorclave’s Customer Care Team

Priorclave Priorclave's continued expansion in the supply of laboratory autoclaves globally has resulted in two new appointments for pre and after sales support.
Posted: 2015-11-02 C CP F O P V

Oxford Vaccine Group Improves Vaccine Potency Determination with Protocol 3

Using the ProtoCOL 3, an automated colony counter, the Oxford Vaccine Group can now count 300 SBA agar plates per day, as well as generate results on vaccine potency.
Posted: 2015-10-26 C F O P

MOCON Enhances GreenLight® Rapid Microbial Detection System

Rapid Microbial Detection with Greenlight Now with extended shelf-life and wider storage temperature range, GreenLight® can provide results at very low bacterial loads in less than 24 hours.
Posted: 2015-10-26 CP F O

Puritan Further Vindicated as Copan Loses Again in German Patent Proceedings

Puritan Flocked Swabs This decision reinforces that Puritan and their customers are free to sell Puritan’s flocked swabs in Europe without interference from Copan’s European patent or expired utility models.
Posted: 2015-10-21 C F O

Detection of Biodefense Pathogens Market to Grow by 8%

The US market for identifying biodefense pathogens is estimated to grow at 8% CAGR from 2016 to 2021.
Posted: 2015-10-20 O

Pipetting Techniques to Improve Serial Dilution Assays

INTEGRA has published a new white paper that discusses how observing good pipetting practice helps to achieve better results in serial dilution assays.
Posted: 2015-10-13 C CP F O P V W

Polypropylene Sample Storage Tubes Shown to be Extractables-free

Micronic polypropylene sample storage tubes have been demonstrated to be absent of extractable organic contaminants.
Posted: 2015-10-12 C O P

NCIMB Launches Same-day Microbial ID Service

NCIMB A new dedicated microbiology and DNA extraction lab means NCIMB can now offer a same-day molecular based microbial identification service.
Posted: 2015-10-09 C CP F O P V W

PathSensors Wins Grant for Plant Pathogen Testing System

PathSensors, Inc. will be developing a high throughput testing platform for easy, fast identification of plant pathogens.
Posted: 2015-10-06 F O

Wako Bacterial Endotoxin Reagents and Products at PDA Meeting

Wako LAL reagents and supplies Wako Chemicals to exhibit their exclusive line of endotoxin specific reagents and accessories at the PDA 10th Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference.
Posted: 2015-10-02 O P

How It Works Guide: Safety Bunsen Burner

Safety Bunsen Burner for Microbiology Labs The ‘How-It-Works’ guide and ‘SimpleShow’ format video explains the operation and safety features of INTEGRA's FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burner,
Posted: 2015-09-30 C CP F O P V W

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