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New Quantitative Nucleic Acids for Metapneumovirus, MERS-CoV, Bocavirus, and more!

ATCC continues to expand its nucleic acid portfolio with the addition of six new ready-to-use, quantitative preparations that support assay development and the molecular-based detection of respiratory diseases.

Each quantitative nucleic acid preparation is measured for genome copy number using Droplet Digital™ PCR and extensively tested to ensure product identity, stability, quantity, and functionality with molecular applications.

These products are ideal for assay development, verification, validation, monitoring of day-to-day test variation, and lot-to-lot performance of molecular-based assays. Further, their quantitative format allows for quick generation of a standard curve to determine viral or bacterial load.



ATCC® No. Product Description Source Information
VR-3251SD™ Quantitative Synthetic Human Bocavirus (HBoV) DNA Fragments from the 5’UTR, NS1, NP1, VP1, VP2, and 3’ UTR genes
VR-3250SD™ Quantitative Synthetic Human Metapneumovirus RNA Fragments from the N gene, P gene, M gene, F gene, and L gene
VR-3248SD™ Quantitative Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) RNA Fragments from the ORF1ab, ORF5, upper envelope (upE), ORF8b, nucleocapsid (N) protein gene, and 3’ UTR regions
BAA-589DQ™ Quantitative Genomic DNA from Bordetella pertussis Extracted from the genome sequenced Tohama I strain
25618D™ Quantitative Genomic DNA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Extracted from the genome sequenced H37Rv strain
25177DQ™ Quantitative Genomic DNA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Extracted from the genome sequenced H37Ra strain


So, skip in vitro and let ATCC do the work for you with quantitative nucleic acids! Visit us online to browse our complete collection of nucleic acids and other tools for respiratory disease research.

Tags: Respiratory Virus, Bordetella pertussis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, QC Molecular Standards, MERS, Bocavirus

Date Published: August 30, 2016

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