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9th October 2018  Content supplied by: Lexagene

New Device Allows Cost-effective, On-site Veterinary Pathogen Testing

LexaGene will unveil a model of its low-cost LX2™ Beta Prototype at the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) conference on Oct 19th and 20th in Kansas City, MO.

LexaGene’s PCR-based technology is designed to be placed inside the clinic, where it can screen samples for multiple targets at once, and return results in about one hour. The LX2 System is a low cost, small-footprint instrument perfectly suited for veterinary clinics as it takes less than a minute to initiate automated sample processing. This breakthrough technology will provide practitioners with the information they need to better treat their patients, while also allowing their practice to assume control over an important incremental revenue stream.

The instrument’s ability to return results in just one hour is a drastic improvement over the currently used standard culture methods that require shipping samples to laboratories, where results don’t become available for three or more days. LexaGene’s solution for faster and more accurate results will improve health outcomes, lower the overall cost of care, and lead to increased profitability for the practice.

“The veterinarians at our hospital are happy that LexaGene has listened to our suggestions and are specifically building an instrument to meet our needs in the Emergency/Critical Care and Internal Medicine departments. We currently lack reliable point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases and need an instrument that is small enough to fit into our cramped hospital, yet has the screening potential to look for many diseases at once. The fact that LexaGene’s technology will also look for some antimicrobial resistance factors is a huge plus,” said Dr. Samuel Stewart, DVM, DACVECC, Emergency and Critical Care veterinarian at Ethos Discovery.

Features of the LX2 beta instrument

Features include the ability to accept two distinct reagent panels for syndromic-based testing, where each panel is capable of detecting 28 targets (up to 56 targets total) at once, a key advantage over current methods of testing. Plus, the instrument will be capable of processing two samples at a time, which is sufficient for most clinics, within a footprint that is just 16” wide x 20” tall x 22” deep. LX2 incorporates a one-time disposable cartridge per test that allows Lexagene to exploit a razor / razor blade business model. LexaGene’s CEO, Dr. Jack Regan added, “Our veterinary partners are thrilled about the increased screening capability of the LX2 and its smaller footprint. Incorporating this technology into a veterinary practice will provide better patient outcomes since the technology also looks for antimicrobial resistance, which will allow clinicians to make more informed decisions on prescribing the appropriate antibiotic.

Furthermore, by bringing the testing in-house, practices will tap into a valuable revenue stream that will drive adoption rates. We will be unveiling the beta prototype at the AAVLD conference, which boasts the largest assembly of veterinary diagnosticians in the United States. Concurrent with the unveiling at this conference, we will post related content to our website.”

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Date Published: 9th October 2018

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