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18th February 2013  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe

Neogen Europe Launches Redesigned Website for Phytodiagnostics Kits

Neogen Europe has made purchasing and obtaining more information about its plant diagnostic test kits easier and quicker whatever the hour of the day.Neogen Europe's redesigned website,, provides complete information on the company's innovative diagnostic products to detect a wide range of important viral, bacterial and fungal plant pathogens. Neogen Europe's diagnostic kits and reagents for the detection of more than 250 plant pathogens are available in range of formats to suit all testing requirements, including options for standard ELISA testing and rapid methods.

"With both our new phytodiagnostics catalogue and website, we've attempted to make it even easier for our customers to find the products and information they need to easily and accurately detect plant diseases," said Neogen Europe's Sales & Marketing Director, Dr. Steve Chambers. "We invite everyone to visit our website and take a look."

Neogen Corporation's phytodiagnostics business is headquartered at Neogen Europe Ltd., which is located in the west of Scotland. It is operated by a dedicated team of customer service, sales, technical support, production, quality control and R&D personnel.

As part of on-going business development, in 2011, Neogen Corporation opened a plant diagnostics office in its Lexington, Kentucky facility.




Date Published: 18th February 2013

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