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29th April 2020  Content supplied by: Pall Corporation

Modular and Portable Equipment to Meet Demand of In-Field Testing

Minimising the risk of cross-contamination and maintaining the cleanliness of your equipment, while ensuring that it performs effectively, is crucial when conducting microbiological quality control processes. Unique solutions from Pall Laboratory offer adaptable solutions to suit your specific needs.

  • Maximise Workspace – compact designs free up valuable bench-top space where needed.

  • Maximise Sampling – modular designs allow you to increase sampling capacity and choose the items that best fit your laboratory.

  • Reduce Contamination Risk – disposable pump fluid path and easy-to-disassemble manifold make the cleaning of equipment very straightforward.

3 Place Manifold

The unique 316L stainless-steel microbiology manifold. Developed to reduce backflow and remove any design-flaws that may harbour hidden contamination after cleaning. The modular design allows you to attach up to 2 other manifolds to increase sampling capacity, while still allowing sterilisation in a standard laboratory autoclave.

Sentino Microbiology Pump and Sentino Dispenser

The Sentino pump couples a compact, peristaltic pump design with a disposable fluid path to provide an easy-to-clean piece of equipment with a small footprint on your bench-top.

A nearby Sentino dispenser will reliably feed individually wrapped membrane discs from its easy-to-load mechanism, which can pull straight from a box of 200 disposable membranes.

Internal rechargeable batteries in both devices enable in-field usage.

Sentino & Magnetic Filter-Funnels

Disposable and reusable filter funnel options available to fit your requirements. All with plus or minus 2% accuracy at the maximum volume.

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Date Published: 29th April 2020

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