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MOCON's GreenLight® Gives Faster, Lower Cost TVCs

Eliminate plate counting, dilutions, reduce testing cost, and get results 10 times faster. MOCON, the world leader for over 40 years in permeation and package integrity analysis, is leading the way with automated instruments providing fast accurate, low cost, screening of bacteria to aid the early detection of food-borne pathogens. MOCON's GreenLight® system provides aerobic bacterial load measurements at any point in the value chain, at a lower cost and 10 times faster than traditional plating. This MicroVal approved system enables producers to gain control over processes, reduce preparation costs, save time, track trends and gain flexibility without a laboratory or extensive training to operate.

The GreenLight® system uses unique oxygen-depletion technology in the form of an integrated vial sensor to eliminate the need for sample dilution, plate counting and waiting for incubation cycles. The intuitive software records all results in a database for easy reporting, analysis and historical comparison.

In addition to bacterial detection MOCON's permeation and packaging instruments and testing services provide food producers with the ability to ensure product and package integrity and maximize and/or increase shelf life.

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Date Published: 28th February 2012

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