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29th October 2019  Content supplied by: SciLabware Ltd.

Make Solvent and Liquid Dispensing Easy With the Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle

Dispense liquids in a safe and efficient manner with the new Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle.

Using wash bottles in the laboratory helps support aseptic techniques and cleanliness. Keeping a clean, disinfected and tidy laboratory bench reduces the risk of cross-contamination and supports good laboratory practice.

The improved integral wash bottle design means you can dispense liquids safely and efficiently significantly reducing any potential for contamination. With traditional wash bottles the inner tube can typically be placed on the laboratory bench when re-filling, becoming a source of potential contamination and in some instances being misplaced. The Azlon® Wash Bottle has an integral inner straw that eliminates the need to place the inner tube down when refilling, minimising the risk of contamination or tube loss.

For additional user safety, the unique vented cap with a PTFE membrane prevents pressure build-up to eliminate potentially hazardous solvent drips.

Featuring chemical names and key safety information in four European languages, they also meet the latest requirements in European safety legislation, making the new Azlon® Round Integral Wash bottle a laboratory essential.

Why not try out the new Round Integral Wash Bottle for yourself. Contact us now for your free sample 



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Date Published: 29th October 2019

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