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26th May 2022  Content supplied by: Microgenetics

Make Sample Scheduling Simple With SmartControl EM

Do you use paper, spreadsheets, or other legacy systems for your environmental monitoring?

If so, just the thought of creating your environmental monitoring schedule might give you a headache. After all, with multiple sample types, locations and unplanned changes thrown into the mix, it can be complex and time consuming.

SmartControl EM was created with Quality Professionals to help solve the biggest challenges in an environmental monitoring facility. The software makes the process of environmental monitoring easy, from seamlessly tracking your samples to generating the graphs you need at the click of a button. All to help you to meet regulation, enhance data integrity and take better EM decisions. Our scheduling tool is no different: here’s how SmartControl EM can help:

  • Convenience: flexibly create and modify even complex schedules at ease, so you can see at a glance the number of samples scheduled, booked in or not yet received. Monitoring groups can be set recursively, and we’ve also made it easy to set up ad-hoc groups for all the times you have unplanned monitoring.
  • Remove the stress for QC: sampling schedules are often known only to monitors, and not your QC team. With SmartControl EM, share your schedule with anyone who needs it, for better planning and a more efficient use of resource across your team.
  • No more missed samples: have confidence that you’ve not missed any samples. SmartControl EM will notify you when monitoring is missed, so you can act immediately

Download the brochure to learn about the other ways SmartControl EM can revolutionise your environmental monitoring.

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Date Published: 26th May 2022

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