Lonza to Exhibit Innovative Research Solutions at SLAS2017

Lonza solutions for highthroughput endotoxin testing

On 4-8 February 2017, Lonza will be exhibiting at SLAS2017, hosted by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening in Washington, DC (USA).

In addition to presenting a poster explaining the efficiency and accuracy of automated endotoxin testing, the Lonza team (located in Booth 547) will showcase how its latest equipment, reagents and software can be utilized to create innovative research solutions for transfection, endotoxin detection and ADME-Tox testing, thereby increasing efficiency and throughput in the laboratory.

Poster Presentation: Automation of Endotoxin Testing
Greg Alberts, Global Subject Matter Expert at Lonza, will present a poster titled “Streamlining Your QC Testing: The Efficiency and Accuracy of Automated Endotoxin Testing and Process Optimization.” Data in the poster will show the ability of robotic systems to reproducibly and reliably perform the preparation of standards, complex routines and dilution schemes necessary to endotoxin testing, and demonstrate the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of an automated solution when implemented in a large-scale fashion.

Improving the Scalability of Transfection
At Booth 547 Lonza will showcase the 4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit and the HT Nucleofector™ Device, both of which use Nucleofector™ Technology to enable efficient transfection of cells. This method of electroporation allows scientists to use minimal amounts of substrate to transfect a multitude of different cell types, including stem cells, primary cells, and cell lines that have previously proven challenging to transfect. Combining this technology with the 4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit provides a closed system for sterile transfection of up to 1x109 cells, and enables scaling-up of transfections carried out using Lonza’s 4D-Nucleofector™ X Unit, without the need for re-optimization.

Automating QC Testing for the Pharmaceutical Industry
At SLAS2017, Lonza’s experts will demonstrate how the WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software can be integrated into robotic platforms. These automated workflow solutions allow scientists to simply set up an assay and “walk away,” reducing ergonomic stress caused by manual pipetting and mitigating human errors.

Providing Resources for ADME-Tox Testing
Lonza’s acquisition of Triangle Research Laboratories (TRL) in June 2016 has enabled Lonza to expand its portfolio of products and services to now include a diverse range of high-quality fresh and cryopreserved human and animal hepatocytes, as well as supporting media and cell culture products. These cells and supporting materials are invaluable in vitro drug screening tools, enabling drug candidates to be assessed for a range of characteristics, including drug-drug interactions, drug transporter activity, metabolism and toxicity.

Tags: Endotoxin, Workflow Optimization

Date Published: December 12, 2016

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