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21st October 2014  Content supplied by: Sample6

Dietz & Watson Speeds Food Safety Testing With Sample6

Continuing its mission to be a food industry innovator, top food maker Dietz & Watson have announced the expansion of its food safety and quality control initiative in its Philadelphia meatpacking facility. Dietz & Watson now uses Sample6 technology to test, find and remediate the Listeria pathogen before any products leave the plant.

"Sample6 gives us a new way to rapidly sample and test, in-plant and during a single production shift. That means we can proactively ensure consumer safety and prevent recalls -- only fully tested products ever leave our warehouses," noted Bob Seaver, director of quality control for Dietz & Watson. "We are committed to operating pathogen-free plants, and we will do everything possible to uphold our reputation for healthy, safe and delicious meats and cheeses."

Before Sample6, food companies were forced to rely on Listeria testing tools that could not offer the speed, control and efficiency needed to truly improve safety, mitigate recalls and keep consumers safe. Bacteria testing took days, allowing potentially contaminated food to get into the hands of consumers.

Sample6 modernized the pathogen detection process -- reducing testing time to a single shift. Continuing its mission to take a proactive approach to consumer safety, Dietz & Watson jumped at the chance to make its food production environment even safer when Sample6 first introduced DETECT/L™. DETECT/L is the only enrichment-free, single-shift pathogen diagnostic for Listeria species available on the market. Previously forced to depend on available technology and send swabs to third-party labs for testing, Dietz & Watson now tests all of its environmental Listeria samples onsite every week.

"Sample6 makes my job much easier," added Carla Mulhern, a Dietz & Watson microbiologist. "I love getting accurate results so quickly to keep up with our facility's production. I was able to train my staff in just a few days, and none of us miss the complexity of the previous testing methods."

Dietz & Watson now has better control of its food-manufacturing environment at the plant level. The Philadelphia plant tests samples and get results in hours -- within the same production shift. Rapid detection also means timely cleanup and significantly lowers the chance of producing or distributing contaminated food.

"Consumer health depends on our food chain. Food safety professionals all want to produce safe, pathogen-free foods, and industry leaders like Dietz & Watson are paving the way for a complete transformation in the way food manufacturers handle pathogen detection," said Sample6 CEO Tim Curran. "We're turning pathogen detection from reaction to prevention for the food industry and hope to save lives along the way."

Based on the successful deployment at the Philadelphia plant, Dietz & Watson plans to leverage Sample6 at all plants before end of year.



Date Published: 21st October 2014

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