AVM® for Media Fills of Aseptic Beverage Lines


Döhler’s Linden Grain Medium is available as AVM® – Aseptic Validation Medium which allows standardised and reliable detection of beverage-spoiling bacteria, yeast and mould when validating aseptic filling lines for beverages with a pH value of between 3 and 7.2, such as soft drinks, juices and even dairy products.

AVM® has an ideal nutrient composition and allows the pH value to be set flexibly. The medium is available in three product configurations:

  • AVM® Broth – a liquid medium, provided in a tank,
  • AVM® Concentrated Broth – a 5-fold concentrated liquid medium, provided in containers and
  • AVM® Powder – a powder with excellent solubility to prepare liquid medium, provided in20 kg buckets.

Interested in more detailed information about the AVM® medium? Please visit www.doehler.com and discover this innovative product.

Or request more information - dmd@doehler.com

Tags: Media Fills, Spoilage Organisms, UHT Testing, Beverages

Date Published: March 9, 2015

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