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20th July 2016  Content supplied by: Lab M Ltd

Lab M Launches MMGA (ISO) Pre-Poured Media Plate

Lab M Ltd introduces its Pinnacle™ MMGA (ISO), Mineral Modified Glutamate Agar, pre-poured media plate. The new plate is formulation compliant to ISO 16649-1 and performance compliant to ISO 11133 for the recovery of stressed and injured E. coli in food, water and feed samples.

MMGA is the resuscitation medium specified by ISO 16649-1 and is used as an additional step prior to enumeration on Tryptone Bile Glucuronide Agar (TBGA, TBX). Processing and environmental factors such as heating, freezing and dehydrating can cause organisms to become stressed and difficult to detect. By using MMGA you can enhance the recovery of stressed or injured organisms.

“Our MMGA pre-poured plate has been developed in response to changes in industry preferred testing methods,” said Melanie Patterson, Lab M’s Market Development Manager. “It is supplied ready to use so there is no need to weigh, autoclave or pour any media saving you precious time, resource and labour in the lab.

Prepared MMGA plates Simply place a filter membrane onto the plate, add your sample and incubate for 4 hours, then transfer the membrane straight to our TBGA (TBX) plate for incubation and enumeration. The quality of our products is extremely important to us and by complying with ISO 11133 it also means that there is minimal internal QC required by the customer.”

Lab M’s full Pinnacle range of prepared media is QC tested under its ISO 17025 accreditation scope and is manufactured using its high quality dehydrated culture media (DCM). Lab M also offers both its MMGA and TBGA (TBX) media in a DCM format.

For more information on Lab M’s range of media, visit www.labm.com/products/pinnacle-mmga.asp


Date Published: 20th July 2016

Source article link: http://www.labm.com/products/pinnacle-mmga.asp

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