Improved Microgen S-Test!

Microgen Bioproducts

Microgen Bioproducts has improved the S-Test, a test for the screening of blood samples for the presence of haemoglobin S which is associated with sickle cell trait, by extending the shelf life by 3 months. All S-Test kits will now have a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture.

The S-Test is based upon the differential solubility of Haemoglobin from Sickle Cell Anaemia suffers compared to that of normal subjects. The presence of Hb-S is indicated by a turbid solution after lysing red blood cells in the test solution.

What benefits does S-Test offer?

  • Results available in 5 minutes
  • Simple to perform
  • Method to differentiate heterozygous Hb-AS and homozygous Hb-SS
  • Positive and negative controls now available
  • Positive and negative controls can be aliquoted and stored frozen for up to 3 years
  • Shelf life extended by 3 months


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Date Published: 18th June 2012

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