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1st August 2017  Content supplied by: IDbyDNA Inc.

IDbyDNA and ARUP Laboratories to Develop NGS Tests

IDbyDNA and ARUP Laboratories have announced a strategic partnership to develop and commercialize novel next-generation sequencing (NGS) infectious disease tests that are more comprehensive, more sensitive, and more accurate than conventional tests.

Current testing methods are limited to specific pathogens and can return a high percentage of negative results, leaving clinicians without the critical information they need to effectively diagnose and treat their patients. These NGS tests are being rapidly developed to address this important diagnostic dilemma.

Using IDbyDNA's proprietary clinical metagenomics software, the new tests can deliver more comprehensive results with higher diagnostic yields and with greater accuracy compared with current tests, all within clinically acceptable turnaround times. The first test for pneumonia will be available through ARUP's established clinical network in the coming weeks.

"We are very excited about the partnership with IDbyDNA," said Dr. Edgar Braendle, CEO of ARUP Laboratories. "It is a perfect combination of ARUP's scientific and clinical laboratory expertise and IDbyDNA's expertise in metagenomics and data science. Together, we are combining laboratory medicine with state-of-the-art genomics and computer science to bring precision medicine to infectious diseases."

IDbyDNA's proprietary clinical metagenomics software is powered by Taxonomer, a peer-reviewed, best-in-class DNA search engine that combines the latest genome science with cutting-edge computer search technology that can rapidly identify any microorganism by its genetic material.

By applying this unbiased approach to infectious disease testing, which detects bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in one assay, clinicians will be able to perform hypothesis-free diagnosis, which means that they no longer have to know what they are looking for before ordering tests.

"This unique partnership allows us to bring the latest genomic technology to clinical practice more quickly," says Dr. Guochun Liao, CEO of IDbyDNA. "ARUP's distribution network enables us to rapidly reach doctors in hospitals nationwide at the launch of our tests."

During development, IDbyDNA was able to leverage ARUP's leadership position and expertise in developing high-complexity diagnostic testing, as well as ARUP's access to thousands of pathogenic validation samples. Liao adds, "With ARUP's 3,000 plus clients across the United States, we can rapidly bring state-of-the-art NGS metagenomic tests to more patients and can deliver clinicians significantly higher diagnostic yields and more actionable results than ever before."



Date Published: 1st August 2017

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