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19th August 2014  Content supplied by: HiberGene Diagnostics Limited

HiberGene Secures Licence for LAMP Technology

HiberGene Diagnostics Limited, a private Irish diagnostics company focussed on applying molecular technology to the infectious disease segment of the diagnostic market, today announced that it has secured a licence to use Eiken Chemical Company's LAMP (Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification) enabling technology.

The licence grants HiberGene non-exclusive worldwide rights for the development, manufacture and marketing of diagnostic products for human infectious diseases using LAMP technology. The consideration comprises a licence fee and royalty payments. Further details were not disclosed.

HiberGene utilised the LAMP enabling technology to develop its first two products, which are molecular tests for Meningitis and Group B Streptococcus (GBS). Both tests are highly accurate and rapid, producing positive results in less than ten minutes, which makes them ideal for use in a range of clinical and patient care environments.

Brendan Farrell, Executive Chairman of HiberGene said: "LAMP is an excellent technology and perfect for the rapid detection of human infectious diseases. With this licence now secured, we can begin manufacturing and marketing our Meningitis and Group B streptococcus products while also developing a range of other tests for human infectious diseases."



Date Published: 19th August 2014

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