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23rd June 2014  Content supplied by: Luminex Corporation

Group B Strept Assay for ARIES™ Sample-to-answer System

The Group B Streptococcus assay is the fifth planned for the launch menu of Luminex's new sample-to-answer system, ARIES™. The assay will complement Luminex's growing portfolio of ASR and IVD products. Previously announced items in the five assay launch menu targeted for the ARIES system include: Flu A/B and RSV, HSV 1&2, Norovirus, and Clostridium difficile.

ARIES GBS assay will deliver automated, sensitive results on Group B Strep, faster than culture methods, which can take several days for results and may require sub-culture to detect all strains. The ARIES GBS platform will deliver a streamlined workflow and generate rapid results with little hands-on time.

With a strong track record as an innovator and a leader in molecular diagnostics, Luminex Corporation will soon be the first company to offer multiplexed molecular panels as well as rapid, sample-to-answer testing with the introduction of its new ARIES system and menu of assays.

Watch the product video - info2.luminexcorp.com/aries

Not currently FDA cleared or CE-IVD marked.



Date Published: 23rd June 2014

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