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Only Detect Viable Legionella sp. with New GenIUL qPCR Kit

Monitoring of viable Legionellae levels in water samples is now possible by means of Viability PCR (vPCR). Delivering a result in only a few hours it is possible to get a more complete evaluation of the real sanitary risk while avoiding the drawbacks of the current standard approach i.e.:

  • Culture needs more than 5 days to give a first result with a final assay runtime of 10 days (according ISO 11731)
  • Conventional qPCR detects DNA from total Legionellae (dead and live) and therefore positive results can provide a very biased interpretation of real risk

The GenIUL qPCR assay combines the use of photo-reactive reagents with a high affinity for DNA with a photo-chemical reaction. The nature of the reagents prevents them from passing through cell membranes. Thus the DNA from cells with undamaged membranes will remain photo blockage free.

After the treatment with the GenIUL reagents in combination with a photo-activation step, only DNA from living microorganisms will be detected through molecular procedures.

GenIUL provides a complete testing package from viability dyes and DNA purification solutions up to qPCR detection.

Buy online here: www.geniul.com/en/shop/consumables/bifidobacterium-spp-qpcr-detection-kit-for-50-reactions-344-detail

Tags: Legionella, PCR, Legionella pneumophila

Date Published: February 5, 2016

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