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Scharlab Introduce Ready Prepared Tributyrin Agar

Presented in 100mL bottles, Scharlau Tributyrin Agar is ready to melt and pour onto plates with no need for any other additional reagent.
Posted: 2013-06-11 F

3M Food Safety Leverages Petrifilm Technology for Pathogen Detection

3M announce launch of the 3M™ Petrifilm™ Salmonella Express System, a new pathogen detection technology that builds upon a solid platform of pathogen detection solutions.
Posted: 2013-06-11 F

Ceeram Receives IAFP Award for Enterovirus Detection

Ceeram RT-PCR real time assays for enteric and hepatitis viruses in foods have received the Food Safety Innovation Award from IAFP
Posted: 2013-06-10 F

Food Microbiology Laboratories - New Guidance from Campden BRI

This 4th edition guide gives advice on good laboratory practice for sound, reliable and accurate microbiological results, helpful for third party laboratory accreditation.
Posted: 2013-06-10 F

Information Management System Speeds Sample Storage

Track-IT is a unique out-of-the-box LIMS/LIS solution designed to enable laboratories to organize and securely track their storage tubes and samples in mere seconds.
Posted: 2013-06-10 C F O P

RESOLUTION™ Microbial Genotyping System Confirms and Identifies

Rapid serotype identification and strain typing of Salmonella directly from enriched food samples using Genome Sequence Scanning™(GSS™) technology.
Posted: 2013-06-04 F

AFNOR Certifies 3M Molecular Detection Assay E.coli O157 (inc. H7)

Validated for finding E.coli in raw beef, dairy and produce using isothermal DNA amplification and bioluminescence detection technologies.
Posted: 2013-06-04 F

Test Kits for Analysis of Food Allergens & Extraction Buffers for Wine Samples

Romer Labs®, launch two new lateral flow test kits (LFDs) for the detection of total milk and of b-Lactoglobulin in food as well as two new extraction buffers, AgraStrip® Wine extraction buffer egg and Casein.
Posted: 2013-06-04 F W

Flow Cytometry Technique Checks Drinking Water Quality

Added to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health's Food Codex as a recommended technique, bacterial contamination in drinking water to be characterised in less than 15 minutes.
Posted: 2013-05-27 F W

Arcolectric Offer Range of Electrical Switches with BioCote Coating

A range of switches and covers with built in BioCote antimicrobial technology, providing integral protection from a wide range of micro-organisms.
Posted: 2013-05-27 C F O P

Leatherhead Opens DirtyLab -new Facility for Pathogen Challenge Testing

With category II containment capabilities, the Pathogen Pilot Plant (DirtyLab) provides an environment that directly replicates a food production area.
Posted: 2013-05-27 F

Six Charm Mycotoxin Tests using WET (Water Extraction Technology)

Mycotoxins in grain and feed can be safely and rapidly tested without the use of ethanol and methanol. Testing can now be safely moved from a laboratory setting to proactive testing on raw ingredients
Posted: 2013-05-27 F W

TSC Swab Sampling Kits - for those Hard to Reach Places

Enviroscreen Swab Sampling Kits contain a 15cm (6 inch) flexible swab designed to assist food operators comply with EU regulation no. 2073/2005.
Posted: 2013-05-27 C F O P

Proven Autoclave Design a Long Runner

Top loading autoclave Top-loading laboratory autoclaves are the longest serving stalwarts of the Priorclave steam steriliser range, a 100 litre model being the first produced and to leave the company's factory in 1988 when it started trading, and through dedicated
Posted: 2013-05-27 C F O P V W

MOCON® Announces New Microbial Detection Website

View technology simulations and read Frequently Asked Questions in addition to downloading application notes.
Posted: 2013-05-27 F

New Genotyping System Identifies Pathogenic E. coli Outbreak Strains

Poster presented at ASM shows PathoGenetix Genome Sequence Scanning (GSS) technology could be used to reliably differentiate and strain type pathogenic E. coli strains of public health and food safety significance.
Posted: 2013-05-21 F

New aCOLyte 3, Affordable, Automated Colony Counter

Low-cost automated colony counter, designed for a rapid count of pour, spread and spiral plates, plates reads of up to 90mm in seconds, generating precise plate count results up to ten times faster than manual counts.
Posted: 2013-05-14 C F O P

CE Mark for ReLASV® Antigen Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Lassa Fever

Point-of-care diagnostic test enables rapid detection of deadly Lassa viral hemorrhagic fever and related bioterrorism threat.
Posted: 2013-05-13 C F

Romer Labs® Complete Solution to Test for T-2 and HT-2 Toxin

Romer Labs® has developed a new AgraQuant® ELISA test kit for T2 & HT2-toxin which has high cross reactivity between both toxins (>90%). Calibrants used in this test kit are from 25 to 500 ppb sum of T-2 and HT-2 toxin.
Posted: 2013-05-13 F

Online Tool Checks Automated Workflow Before Installation

Thermo Scientific iAutomate™, free on-line tool designed to reduce the time associated with configuring and trialling an automation set-up - video demonstration available.
Posted: 2013-05-07 C F O P

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