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16th July 2015  Content supplied by: Pall Corporation

Find the Solutions to Your Food Safety Challenges with Pall Corporation at IAFP 2015

Pall Corporation welcomes you to their booth (#619) from July 25-28, 2015 at the International Association for Food Protection annual meeting in Portland to present full solutions to be your partner for brand protection.

Discover Pall’s filtration products including solutions to prevent microbial contamination along with Pall´s laboratory products for microbiological QC and genomics applications.

Learn more about the GeneDisc® technology for monitoring major foodborne pathogens and beverage spoilage microorganisms. Experience the ease of use of the solution for combined detection of Salmonella spp and pathogenic Escherichia coli to analyze both pathogens in the same sample after a single enrichment step. Understand how this technology can accelerate batch release and reduce the ShigaToxic E. coli screening prevalence rate with the GeneDisc STEC Top 7 method.

Take the opportunity to learn about Sentino® Microbiology QC Family of products which offer a mix and match selection of products to best suit the economic, ergonomic and workflow needs in a busy microbiology laboratory.

Find more about filtration solutions to provide critical protection to your product during various manufacturing stages. The Pall team of filtration specialists will be available to discuss solutions for particle removal, microbiological reduction and also services we offer to better support your needs.

Stop by the booth to learn more!

Pall at IAFP



Date Published: 16th July 2015

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