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25th June 2012  Content supplied by: Celsis Rapid Detection

Financial Rewards of Faster Product Tests for Contract Manufacturers

It's no surprise that price competition is fierce these days, but competing with lower prices alone may limit economic growth and slow recovery. It's critical for contract manufacturers (CM) to bring more than just low prices to the table. Adopting technology, such as rapid product release testing, can help to differentiate CM services in a crowded marketplace.

Manufacturing and packaging of personal care products are done under conditions today that produce products that are "clean" and safe for release 97% percent or more of the time. When using traditional methods to test products for microbial contamination, it is typical to hold 100% of the finished products in quarantine for 3-7 days awaiting results that are usually negative. By contrast, the right rapid method can help companies release all of their in-spec products in just 24 hours.

Celsis Rapid Detection has installed rapid release screening systems at more than 500 facilities. The company and its customers have proven, through the validation and testing of many thousands of products, that a growth-based, rapid screening method can be just as effective as traditional microbiological methods, only faster.

Rapid release product screenings are being implemented by increasing numbers of personal care product companies, contract manufacturers, co-packers and contract labs to reduce turnaround time and unlock key business benefits, including:

  • Operational Savings: Implementing rapid testing methods translates into an average savings of $500,000 in the first 5 years per facility.
  • Advanced Warning: Potential contamination events are identified sooner, making corrective action and recovery faster and less costly.
  • Warehousing Reductions: Manufacturers can free up days' worth of inventory and the warehouse space it consumes, increasing capacity for additional business.
  • Shorter Cash Cycle: Fewer production days means products ship faster and, therefore, customers can be invoiced sooner.


Controlling costs and operating more efficiently are priorities for everyone in the personal care products value chain. Contract manufacturers serving the personal care industry can reap these financial benefits while creating the sustainable, competitive advantage of faster turnaround time thanks to rapid release product screening.

To learn more about how your company can release products to market faster and reduce costs, visit: www.celsis.com/home-and-beauty.


Date Published: 25th June 2012

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