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8th February 2021  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

Fifty Million Per Day - Manufacturer Increases Output of Rapid Antigen Test that Detects Variants

Innova Medical Group, Inc has confirmed their SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test is able to detect new variants circulating within the global population.  

“As these dangerous strains show signs of increased transmissibility across communities, the global effort to eliminate COVID-19 requires frequent, comprehensive and equitable testing that can detect these emerging strains. We’re proud to supply our partners around the world with cost-effective, readily available tests that can successfully detect and track the spread of multiple strains of the virus and ultimately play a major role in assisting the global health community in stamping out this pandemic", said Daniel Elliott, President and CEO of Innova Medical Group.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that rapid antigen tests are an important tool for identifying infectious people quickly and equitably, even when they may not have symptoms of COVID-19, in ways that simply are not possible with slower, more expensive, lab-based tests. While the virus continues to morph its genetic ribonucleic acid (“RNA”) to generate new and potentially more contagious variants, Innova’s antigen test, which instead looks for multiple proteins in the virus, can often be a more effective tool in detecting new variants.

In recent weeks, leading scientists and health authorities in the US, UK, and several other nations have warned that the mutated strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus first discovered in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil appear to be more contagious than the original strains that emerged at the beginning of 2020. The increased prominence of these variants has highlighted the global need for increased availability of cost-effective, rapid-result tests capable of detecting these strains.

Innova can presently produce more than 10 million per day and promises to produce an estimated 50 million antigen test kits per day by Spring of 2021.

The Innova rapid antigen test was used In a 4-week pilot project conducted in the City of Liverpool, UK in November 2020, which was used to test nearly half a million people from all communities  Over 12,000 asymptomatic infectious people were identified who did not know they had the virus and were infectious to others. 

With its rapid antigen test proven to capture greater than 95% of asymptomatic infectious people, Innova Medical Group has delivered more than 400 million COVID-19 test kits for public use in 20 countries including the United Kingdom, Hungary, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and for studies in the United States. Innova is under contract to deliver millions of additional test kits worldwide in the 1st Quarter of 2021. Many of these will ship from the Innova production site in California.



Date Published: 8th February 2021

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