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The Milliflex® Quantum System - Rapid and Non-destructive

Rapid, non-destructive microbial testing Get a free demo of this rapid fluorescent-based technology giving fast quantitative detection of microorganisms in filterable products. Detected organisms are available for identification using your current methodology.
Posted: 2014-03-25 F P W

Priorclave Launches New Autoclave Web Site

select autoclaves for your lab Choose the right autoclave for your requirements and budget with Priorclave's Product Finder guides selecting from their comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves you'll find the one most suited to your laboratory needs.
Posted: 2014-03-20 C F O P V W

TSC New & Improved Inoculating Needles

TSC Needles Technical Service Consultants (TSC) new and improved disposable inoculating needles are the perfect partner for Protect microorganism bead storage systems.
Posted: 2014-03-18 C F O P V W

Optimising Urine Microbiology at Whitfield Street Laboratory

Mast Group The Mast Uri® System has been adopted by the Whitfield Street Laboratory to streamline system for the direct culture, identification and sensitivity testing of urine pathogens.
Posted: 2014-03-18 C

Five Things You Might Have Missed About Endotoxin Testing

Horseshoe crab used in Endotoxin Five things to be aware of if you test for endotoxins - seminars, webinars, listing of suppliers of testing kits for LAL .....
Posted: 2014-03-11 P

Thermo Fisher Scientific to Distribute COPAN WASP® in US

Automated clinical microbiology Now available in the USA through Thermo Fisher Scientific, the COPAN WASP® provides a total solution for pre-analytical microbiology specimen processing automated plant + streak plates, prep gram slides, apply susceptibility disks, inoculate broths.
Posted: 2014-03-04 C

New Allergen Test Kits Range from Romer Labs

Allergen test kits Romer Labs have significantly expanded its Allergen portfolio with the launch of New AgraStrip®, new AgraQuant® F.A.S.T., new EnzymeFast® test kits and new Biopure allergen positive control materials.
Posted: 2014-03-04 F

InstantLabs Food Safety RT-PCR Kits - AOAC Certified

Rapid Automated Food Pathogen InstantLabs have recently received AOAC certification for their Food Safety Kit E.coli O157 (including H7), running on the Hunter®, RT-PCR system, the Salmonella kit can also be run using the same enrichment enrichment broth as the E.coli O157.
Posted: 2014-03-03 F

Petri Labeler to Enhance Plate Traceability

Petri Labeler 90mm Petri plates can be automatically processed from a stack or manually fed to the unit. Preprinted barcodes are precisely tagged on plate side-walls.
Posted: 2014-03-03 C F O P V W

ATCC mycoplasma DNA Certified Reference Materials

ATCC Mycoplasma Mycoplasma molecular reference material for inclusivity/exclusivity testing, establishing limits of detection, validating or comparing test methods of mycoplasma in cell culture.
Posted: 2014-02-24 O P

Microbiologists Value Flexibility and Quality in Redipor® Prepared Media

Cherwell Laboratories Market research has confirmed Cherwell as the top ‘go-to’ company for bespoke prepared media solutions, providing small batches for specialist, low volume users plus bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements.
Posted: 2014-02-18 C F O P V W

Lab M’s Comprehensive Product Guide Available for 2014

Lab M Product Guide Lab M’s comprehensive Product Guide is now available as a digital flip book or a pdf download, as well as offering printed versions for those who prefer to access a hard copy in the laboratory.
Posted: 2014-02-17 F P W

AOAC-RI Approval for Invisible Sentinel Veriflow® Listeria Species Assay

Veriflow Veriflow™ LS uses PCR followed by a vertical-flow based assay, needing only 24 hours of non-specialized incubation for maximum sensitivity and 3 minutes post PCR amplification. Ultra sensitive and user-friendly.
Posted: 2014-02-17 F

AOAC-RI Certification For Roka Atlas® e. coli O157:H7 EG2 Detection Assay

Roka E. coli Assay Atlas e. coli O157:H7 EG2 Detection Assay is now AOAC approved for the detection of E. coli O157:H7 in 375 gram food samples using the Atlas fully automated molecular system for food pathogen detection.
Posted: 2014-02-11 F

Three New Things to Make Life in the Microbiology Lab Easier

The no-stress microbiology laboratory Take some of the stresses out of everyday laboratory work with the latest products for your microbiology laboratory - easier clean up from homogenizer spills, serological pipettes, sample posting systems.
Posted: 2014-02-07 C F O P V W

Discover bioMérieux Industry's New Website

bioMerieux Industry bioMérieux launches a new international Industry website dedicated to Agri-Food, BioPharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries as well as Veterinary diagnostics.
Posted: 2014-02-04 F O P V W

New Range of Silent Lab Blenders from INTERSCIENCE

BagMixer silent laboratory homogenizer BagMixer® S and BagMixer® SW for super silent and quick homogenizing, with adjustable paddle pressure, automatic stop if bag leakage occurs and easy to clean removable paddles and chamber.
Posted: 2014-02-04 F P

New Serological Pipettor Improves Liquid Handling Productivity

Pipetboy Designed for use with all commercially available glass and plastic serological pipettes in the volume range 1-100 ml. the new PIPETBOY acu 2 serological pipettor from INTEGRA is protected from contamination by a hydrophobic filter.
Posted: 2014-02-03 C F O P V W

Microgen Bioproducts Releases New and Improved Microgen-ID Software

Microgen Bioproducts Microgen-ID biochemical identification systems is complemented by the easy-to-use and comprehensive, desktop based Microgen-ID software is now designed for international customers, software can be accessed in 8 languages.
Posted: 2014-02-03 C F P

BIOTECON Expands PCR Portfolio for Food Testing

Biotecon food pathogen PCR kits Designed for the less often performed tests these real time PCR kits are available for S. aureus, B. cereus and C. perfringens, also meat speciation and GMO testing.
Posted: 2014-01-28 F

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