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DMF Submitted for BioTrak® Real-Time Viable Particle Counter

TSI BioTrak The BioTrak Particle Counter gives real time airborne viable particle detection helping to identify root cause of microbial excursions.
Posted: 2014-05-05 C F O P

3M™ Petrifilm™ Salmonella Express System Receives Edison Award

Rapid Detection Salmonella in Food 3M Petrifilm Salmonella Express System is an all-in-one test method for the rapid detection and biochemical confirmation of Salmonella in enriched food and food process environmental samples.
Posted: 2014-05-05 F

Faecal Pathogen Screening System Implemented at Royal Sussex

Faecal Pathogen Screening A real time multiplex PCR automated platform for the detection of enteric pathogens’ DNA directly from stool samples, the EntericBio system now enables the Royal Sussex hospital to give negative results on stools within two working days.
Posted: 2014-05-05 C

GeneDisc® STEC Top 7 Plate Now AOAC and AFNOR Certified

E. coli O157:H7 and non-O157 STEC The GeneDisc STEC Top 7 solution is an easy to use one-step method for E.coli O157:H7 and non-O157 E.coli detecting virulence factors and serogroups following a short enrichments of 10 hours. AOAC PTM certified.
Posted: 2014-05-02 F

Captivate™ O45 is 8th Product in Lab M’s IMS Range for E. coli STEC

Lab M Captivate Captivate™ O45 comprises magnetic particles coated with specific antibody and is intended for the concentration of Escherichia coli O45 from food, animal feed, beverages, pharmaceutical or environmental samples.
Posted: 2014-04-29 F

Microgen Offers AnDiaTec and Quidel RT-PCR to UK Labs

Real-time PCR clinical assays Easy to use RT-PCR assays for difficult to detect parameters - Clostridium difficile, Norovirus, Enterovirus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HLA-DQ.
Posted: 2014-04-29 C

Microbiologics Expands Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards Product Line

Microbiologics Helix Elite Microbiologics, Inc. has expanded their line of Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards with the addition of two globally prevalent viral pathogens, West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (EEEV).
Posted: 2014-04-18 C

Cylindrical Autoclaves Improve Lab Performance

laboratory autoclaves The QCS front loading autoclave range introduced by Priorclave should help any laboratory increase its sterilising throughput owing to the combination of improved load capacity and exceptional operating performance.
Posted: 2014-04-15 C CP F O P V W

Neogen ATP Hygiene Monitoring System with RFID Technology

ATP Hygiene Neogen has introduced an advanced ATP hygiene monitoring system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to make testing in a facility much easier, and an updated software program to simplify data creation and interpretation.
Posted: 2014-04-15 F

ELITechGroup Releases its Latest Slide-staining System in the TB area.

Elitech Aerospray ElitechGroup has updated its entire line of series 1 Aerospray® stainers to the new series 2 design. The Aerospray Gram model, followed by the Aerospray Hematology Stat and Pro models and now Aerospray® TB stainer.
Posted: 2014-04-11 C

Food-borne Viruses: What Risk for Which Food Sample?

Ceeram/IAFP Ceeram will be chairing a roundtable discussion at the IAFP Europe discussing ‘Food-borne Viruses: What Risk for Which Food Sample?’.
Posted: 2014-04-10 F

Ceeram Launch Range of CE Marked RT-PCR and MLVA Kits at ECCMID

Ceeram/ECCMID This year’s ECCMID meeting is the venue for the European launch of the ceeramTool ®range of CE marked RT-PCR and MLVA kits for molecular detection of Gastroenteritis and Enteric Viruses, Nosocomial Infections, Public Health and Animal Health.
Posted: 2014-04-10 C

Lab M Launches Pinnacle™ Pre-poured Plates

Lab M In a move that marks a significant extension to its range of ready prepared microbiological culture media , Lab M has launched the Pinnacle™ brand, a new line of pre-poured plates.
Posted: 2014-04-08 F W

Lightweight Electronic Pipettes

Integra Pipettes VIAFLO II electronic pipettes with INTEGRA’s range of GripTip pipette tips form the perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, giving a secure connection. GripTips never fall off, always perfectly aligned.
Posted: 2014-04-08 C F O P V W

TSC PreMoist Hygiene Swabs Save Time

TSC Swabs TSC pre-moistened sampling swabs offer end-users a convenient and simple sampling method to confirm the presence of microorganisms on equipment and critical surfaces giving greater brand protection, helping to minimise exposure to potential recalls.
Posted: 2014-04-08 C CP F P V W

Roka Bioscience Atlas® Complete Listeria Testing Solution

Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay Atlas LmG2 Assay is AOAC approved for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes from 25-g food samples and from environmental surfaces after a 24-hour enrichment. Assay is also approved for 125-g food samples using single, 44-hour enrichment step.
Posted: 2014-04-07 F

Liofilchem Pathogenic System AST

Liofilchem Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of the main pathogenic microorganisms directly from Clinical Specimens
Posted: 2014-04-07 C

Redipor 2014-2015 Price List Details Extensive Ready-to-Use Culture Media Range

Cherwell Range Cherwell's Redipor media range is designed to meet customer requirements for both industry standard products and those with a unique formulation or presentation, delivering cost effective, in time solutions for large and small customers alike.
Posted: 2014-03-25 C CP F O P V W

AOAC Approval for Veriflow® Salmonella Species Assay

Avoiding the drawbacks of real-time PCR and lateral-flow assays, Veriflow™ SS requires only 18 hours of non-specialized incubation for maximum sensitivity and develops in 3 minutes post PCR amplification.
Posted: 2014-03-25 F

Liofilchem Extensive Range of Media for Cosmetic Microbiology

Liofilchem Cosmetics Microbiological media range for the cosmetic industry includes Eugon LT 100 Broth, and Tryptic Soy Broth + Capitol 4, available in tubes and bottles of various formats. Liofilchem can also supply customized formulations and packaging.
Posted: 2014-03-25 CP

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