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MAST CRYOBANK TM – Convenient Cryopreservation of Bacteria and Fungi

Mast Cryobank Mast Group cryovials provide long-term storage and preservation of bacteria and fungi, and are suitable for use in all laboratories.
Posted: 2014-06-17 C CP F O P V W

Technical Service Consultants Probact Range Offers Full M40 Compliance

TSC Swabs All Probact Transport Swab Kits are Fully M40-A compliant, CE Marked and comply with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
Posted: 2014-06-17 C CP F O P V W

Growth Direct™ System for Environmental Monitoring and Bioburden

Growth Direct System The next generation Growth Direct™ System is now available for environmental monitoring and bioburden applications using natural auto-fluorescence of microorganisms, the non-destructive test allows isolates to be recovered for identification.
Posted: 2014-06-13 P

Fast, Economical Detection of Norovirus for Routine Labs

ceeram Kits Ceeram expands its range with two new faster and more economical detection and identification kits for Norovirus genogroups I and II (NoV GI & NoV GII). First line screening kit also available.
Posted: 2014-06-12 F

Concentrating Pipette Can Replace Enrichment Step

Concentrating Pipette The InnovaPrep Concentrating Pipette is an automated sample prep instrument that rapidly concentrates liquid samples for direct detection. The method eliminates the need for manual methods such as overnight enrichment for many sample types.
Posted: 2014-06-10 CP F O P V W

Cherwell Opens Expanded Redipor® Prepared Media Facility

Cherwell Redipor Cherwell Laboratories has completed an expansion programme at its Bicester-based Redipor® prepared microbiological media facility.
Posted: 2014-06-10 C CP F O P V W

Faecal Pathogen Screening System Implemented - Results in 3hrs.

Enterbio A real time multiplex PCR automated platform for the detection of enteric pathogens’ DNA directly from stool samples, the EntericBio system now enables the Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital to give negative results on stools within three hours.
Posted: 2014-06-10 C

3M Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella Secures Extended Validations

3M Food Safety 3M Food Safety has announced that its 3M™ Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella has received an extension of the current NF VALIDATION certificate from AFNOR Certification.
Posted: 2014-05-30 F

Britains Best Innovative Autoclave Manufacturer

Priorclave Video Priorclave autoclave video shows examples from a comprehensive range of standard laboratory steam sterilisers that include benchtop autoclaves, front loading autoclaves, the unique RSC front loading laboratory autoclaves and many more...
Posted: 2014-05-29 C CP F O P V W

Easy Bioburden and Microbial Detection in Beverages

EZ Product range for filtration Microbiological analysis of water, beverages and other filterable samples can be made easier with the EZ-product range from Merck Millipore - time to result is reduced and workflow is improved.
Posted: 2014-05-26 F W

New Addition to BioLumix’s Rapid Automated System

Biolumix The BioLumix simplified rapid automated platform allows for all of your microbiology needs to be met with one automated system on a single platform. The product line has expanded with the NEW Listeria Vial.
Posted: 2014-05-23 F

3M Petrifilm Salmonella Express System is Adopted as AOAC-OMA

3M Petrifilm Fast Salmonella detection with 3M Salmonella Express, validated as a First Action OMA for detection of Salmonella in raw ground beef, chicken nuggets, raw ground chicken, raw ground pork, egg, shrimp, spinach, dry pet food and stainless steel.
Posted: 2014-05-20 F

Discover bioMérieux Veterinary Diagnostic Solution at ICP Congress

bioMerieux Vetinaray From June 22 to 26, 2014, the bioMérieux veterinary diagnostics team will attend the 12th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis, taking place in Parma, Italy.
Posted: 2014-05-20 V

WASPLab Integrates with Microscopy Slide Scanning System

WASPLab Gram slide image WASPLab™ users can now show on a single screen, microscopy images of Gram slides taken by the Zeiss microscope, images of culture plates, LIS information and results from other instruments.
Posted: 2014-05-20 C

Automatized System for Bacterial Enumeration

Interscience Plate&Count System® is a fully automatized system working with an automatic Spiral plater and an automatic colony counter.
Posted: 2014-05-20 C CP F O P V W

Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Four Times Faster

Protocol 3 Using the ProtoCOL 3 and SynStats software in combination is helping microbiologists at this contract testing laboratory to significantly increase their throughput when determining the efficacy of new antibiotics.
Posted: 2014-05-15 C

Meet rapidmicrobiology.com at ASM 2016

Visit rapidmicrobiology at asm We are attending this year's American Society of Microbiology General Meeting in Boston, MA on 17th to 20th May, please call by booth #1147 to meet up and have a chat!
Posted: 2014-05-13 C

CONTAM SWAB for Microbial Testing of Surfaces

Visit rapidmicrobiology at asm Available for total counts, E.coli and coliforms, Listeria and Salmonella sp, the surface to be tested is swabbed and the swab inserted into the media containing tube and incubated. Results are indicated by colour change.
Posted: 2014-05-13 F

Priorclave Launches Autoclave Consumables

autoclave consumables Priorclave ensures that users of steam sterilisers have access to an extremely competitively priced range of the more frequently used items, Bowie & Dick test packs, Spore Ampoules, Self-Contained Biological Indicators, deodorising capsules.
Posted: 2014-05-06 C CP F O P V W

Meet Synbiosis at ASM - Booth 211

Synbiosis ProtoCOL 3 Synbiosis staff will be showing the ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counting and zone measurement system, which can automatically produce antibiotic and vaccine potency analysis results from count and zone data from plates of 30-150mm.
Posted: 2014-05-06 P

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