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Sigma-Virocult® Swabs Continue Battle with Influenza

Sigma Virocult The annual influenza season seems to be well underway in the northern hemisphere with the pandemic H1N1 strain (Influenza A (H1N1)pdm09) predominating in both Europe and North America.
Posted: 2014-07-21 C F V

Pfizer Successfully Implements Endosafe® Endotoxin Testing Platforms

Charles River Poster presented by Pfizer at the 2014 PDA Annual Meeting, provides a summary of the methodology, Endosafe® platform, collected data to support compatibility to traditional methods, examples of implementation and the operational benefits realized.
Posted: 2014-07-14 P

Rapid Sterility Testing: Get Reliable Results in 5 days

Merck Millipore Milliflex Sterility testing with the Milliflex® Rapid System not only allows faster release of sterile products to the market but also enables earlier implementation of corrective actions, thus avoiding the loss of time and money.
Posted: 2014-07-14 P

UTM™ and ESwab™- Collection and Transport Systems for Whooping Cough

Swabs for Whooping Cough ESwab™ maintains viability of Bordetella for culturing and preserves cell and DNA integrity for DFA and PCR detection after 96 hours of refrigerated storage. Universal transport medium is suitable for both viruses and bacteria.
Posted: 2014-07-14 C

Battling Antibiotic Resistance - New QuickFISH Test

Alpha Laboratories By reporting species ID at same time as Gram stain results QuickFISH enables a targeted, species specific, antimicrobial therapeutic strategy to be employed much sooner. Especially helpful when dealing with microorganisms that share an identical Gram stain morphology.
Posted: 2014-07-14 C

Innovative Solution for Detection of Biofilms

BIOFINDER Biofilm detection The BioFinder is a specialised product for the detection of biofilms and surface contamination in the food, pharmaceutical and catering industries as an aid to hygiene control.
Posted: 2014-07-07 CP F O P

Pinnacle™ Pre-Poured Plates Improve Accuracy of Salmonella Confirmation

Lab M Salmonella Lab M’s new Pinnacle™ Salmonella ABC pre-poured plates are designed for the isolation of salmonellae from food samples and are based on Lab M’s established Harlequin™ Salmonella ABC medium.
Posted: 2014-07-07 F

Improve Your Pipetting Productivity

Integra PIPETBOY INTEGRA PIPETBOY acu 2 serological pipettor combines all essential characteristics for productive work with pipettes: precision, speed, ease-of-use, comfort, long operating battery life and reliability.
Posted: 2014-07-07 C F O P V W

Microbiological Monitoring of Air and Compressed Gases

RCS High Flow Touch Merck Millipore's range of microbial air sampling units are designed to most air sampling requirement including testing of compressed gases in pharmaceutical and food production environments.
Posted: 2014-07-01 P

New Line of Water QC Kits – EZ-Hydro Shot

Microbiologics Microbiologics® EZ-Hydro Shot™ - QC organisms for water quality testing, validated for use with Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater, EPA test methods etc. Validated for membrane filtration, enzyme substrate methods and others.
Posted: 2014-07-01 C F P V W

Ready-to-use MediaBox™ Demi-Fraser Broth Now Available

ready to use listeria media For liquid culture media on demand, MediaBox™ is a cost-effective, easy to use, solution - fresh, sterile media in an easy-to-handle, stackable storage box with an internal bladder.
Posted: 2014-07-01 F

Lab M Launches µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC)

Lab M µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC) is designed for use in the isolation of Listeria spp. from foodstuffs. The range is designed for high throughput laboratories where speed, convenience, reliability and cost-effectiveness are high priorities.
Posted: 2014-07-01 F

Cherwell Confirm Continued Support for Aseptic Manufacturing Training

Cherwell Labs Cherwell will exhibit a selection of their prepared media, microbial air sampler and biological indicator products at the APDM Training Course.
Posted: 2014-06-24 P

Extra Reinforced Filter Bags for Lab Blenders

BagPage XR BagPage XR from INTERSCIENCE have reinforced seals and give instant filtration during homogenization for particle free supernatent.
Posted: 2014-06-20 F P

Rapid Detection of Toxigenic Strains of Clostridium difficile

Toxigenic C. difficile The Portrait Analyser available exclusively from Pro-Lab Diagnostics in Europe, is a novel system offering rapid and accurate detection of Clostridium difficile.
Posted: 2014-06-19 C

MAST CRYOBANK TM – Convenient Cryopreservation of Bacteria and Fungi

Mast Cryobank Mast Group cryovials provide long-term storage and preservation of bacteria and fungi, and are suitable for use in all laboratories.
Posted: 2014-06-17 C CP F O P V W

Technical Service Consultants Probact Range Offers Full M40 Compliance

TSC Swabs All Probact Transport Swab Kits are Fully M40-A compliant, CE Marked and comply with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
Posted: 2014-06-17 C CP F O P V W

Growth Direct™ System for Environmental Monitoring and Bioburden

Growth Direct System The next generation Growth Direct™ System is now available for environmental monitoring and bioburden applications using natural auto-fluorescence of microorganisms, the non-destructive test allows isolates to be recovered for identification.
Posted: 2014-06-13 P

Fast, Economical Detection of Norovirus for Routine Labs

ceeram Kits Ceeram expands its range with two new faster and more economical detection and identification kits for Norovirus genogroups I and II (NoV GI & NoV GII). First line screening kit also available.
Posted: 2014-06-12 F

Concentrating Pipette Can Replace Enrichment Step

Concentrating Pipette The InnovaPrep Concentrating Pipette is an automated sample prep instrument that rapidly concentrates liquid samples for direct detection. The method eliminates the need for manual methods such as overnight enrichment for many sample types.
Posted: 2014-06-10 CP F O P V W

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