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EBOLA or FLU? As the Seasons Collide Which Would you Choose?

MWE Sigma Virocult® has proven to be the number one choice by Virology departments worldwide, demonstrating the survival of numerous viruses at ambient temperatures.
Posted: 2014-11-04 C

New VI-PAK Barrier Outer Foil Pack for COPAN ESwab™

Copan VI-PAK barrier outer foil packs prevents oxidation, dehydration and protects against direct sunlight, maintaining optimum performance of the medium over its long shelf life.
Posted: 2014-11-03 C V

Norovirus is Most Common but Salmonella Costs More

Food Bourne Illness Cases Common causes of food poisoning by organism and calculation of cost of incidence by organism, Norovirus produces most cases, Salmonella is most expensive.
Posted: 2014-10-30 F

Pass-Through Autoclave Provides Sterile Transit for Sealed Labs

Pass through autoclave Double-door pass-through autoclave from Priorclave is designed to enable laboratories maintain a secure sterile path for media and waste as it passes in and out of a sealed laboratory.
Posted: 2014-10-28 C CP F O P V

RIDASCREEN® Staph Enterotoxin ELISA Now in Smaller 48 Well Kit

SET ELISA kit For smaller labs testing for Staph Enterotoxin, the RIDASCREEN® SET Total ELISA kit now available in 48 well kit size. RIDASCREEN® SET Total is an official European screening method for Staph toxins in foods.
Posted: 2014-10-27 F

Simple Enterobacteriaceae Test Results in 1-7 Hours

Rapid Enterobacteriaceae MicroSnap EB (Enterobacteriaceae) is a simple two-step test procedure with a total time to result of 7 hours 15 seconds. The sample can be either a surface swab, liquid sample or food suspension.
Posted: 2014-10-23 F

New PTS-Micro™ System for Rapid Microbial Bioburden Testing

PTS-Micro Bioburden System A compact benchtop instrument, the PTS-Micro uses solid-phase fluorescence cytometry and modular components to rapidly detect viable microorganisms in multiple samples simultaneously.
Posted: 2014-10-21 CP P

Lab M will Demo Convenient new Approaches to Culture Media at Medica 2014

Lab M Lab M will showcase latest product introductions at Medica 2014 (Düsseldorf, 12-15 November) with a focus on supporting laboratories in their efforts to maximise process efficiency and optimise workflow.
Posted: 2014-10-21 F

Lightweight Electronic Pipette Offers Enhanced Ease of Use

Integra Viaflo II VIAFLO II electronic pipettes are as easy to use as a single channel manual pipette but offer many advantages.
Posted: 2014-10-21 C CP F O P V W

Neogen acquires BioLumix

Neogen Automated microbiology testing instruments - BioLumix business will be consolidated with Neogen’s closely related Soleris® technology, which is widely used for the detection of spoilage organisms in several food industries, as well as the nutraceutical market.
Posted: 2014-10-20 CP F P

New and Improved DiscMaster™ 3

Mast Discmaster The DiscMaster™ 3 dispenses antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) discs in a convenient 6-place format, single-handed operation, permitting smooth and rapid integration into routine laboratory workflows.
Posted: 2014-10-07 C

Microbank® - the Proven Culture Storage System

Microbank® Culture Storage Microbank is the original culture storage system with a well proven track record of efficient storage and retrieval of bacterial (including fastidious and anaerobic) and fungal cultures, currently used in microbiology labs worldwide including many reference culture collections.
Posted: 2014-09-25 C CP F O P V W

Endotoxin Expert, Kevin Williams Joins Lonza Pharma&Biotech

Kevin Williams, Lonza Endotoxin expert, Kevin Williams has joined the Lonza Bioscience Solutions team of scientists and research associates working on the next generation of endotoxin and microbial detection products.
Posted: 2014-09-24 P

Making Better Decisions in the Automated Microbiology Lab - Ireland

Rapid Micro Biosystems Join industry experts from Rapid Micro Biosystems and Lonza for a one-day workshop that focuses on the role of technology in the microbial QC lab.
Posted: 2014-09-23 P

Water-Based Total Aflatoxin Rapid Test USDA-GIPSA Approved

Romer Labs Romer Labs® new AgraStrip® Total Aflatoxin Quantitative WATEX is solvent free, limit of detection is 3ppb and a total time-to-result of 8 minutes including extraction, now USDA-GIPSA approved.
Posted: 2014-09-23 F

Consider an Alternative to Your Existing Media Supply

Ready-to-use media Pre-poured culture media for every microbiology lab, Southern Group Laboratories supply ready-to-use liquid and agar plates for pharmaceutical, food and clinical labs.
Posted: 2014-09-23 C CP F P V

Bigger Capacity Benchtop Autoclave Meets Customer Wish List

Priorclave Ideal autoclave for labs with limited space and infrequent sterilisation needs, the Priorclave H60 with a horizontal 60 litre capacity is suited for a wide range of applications such as media prep, lab waste, liquids and diluents, glassware and apparatus.
Posted: 2014-09-22 C CP F O P V W

3M Molecular Detection Assay Listeria monocytogenes Earns AOAC PTM Approval

3M AOAC® Performance Tested Methods program (Certification #051401) certifies that the test kit is now considered equivalent or better than standard reference methods for select food matrices by the international organization.
Posted: 2014-09-22 F

foodproof® Range Extended to Food Allergen Detection

Biotecon Diagnostics Food allergen detection from BIOTECON includes Celery, Peanut, Hazelnut, Soya, Gluten Detection - using quantitative real-time PCR, suitable for most food types, run on standard PCR instruments.
Posted: 2014-09-08 F

Summer Issue of Lab M’s Min-e-Cat Now Available

Lab M Lab M newsletter highlights the recent introduction of two new product ranges, Pinnacle™ pre-poured plates and the µPrep™ line of bagged, ready-to-reconstitute media.
Posted: 2014-09-02 F P W

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