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13th August 2013  Content supplied by: Charm Sciences

EPA Approves FAST PHAGE Method for Detection of Coliphage in Ground Water

FAST PHAGE is a less than 24 hour, ready to use, EPA approved method for the detection of coliphage in compliance with Ground Water Rule regulations. With FAST PHAGE approval EPA has added a more rapid, by 24 to 48 hour, easier ready-to-use method to the available coliphage methods. Coliphage testing adds additional water safety integrity to municipal testing programs.

Coliphage are virus particles, bacteriophage, specific to the coliform bacteria. EPA lists coliphage as an alternative to E. coli in fecal detection in ground water safety testing. Coliphage, because they are robust small viruses, last longer than bacteria in water and diffuse greater distances through soil and create greater filtration challenges. FAST PHAGE approval allows water municipalities to more easily enhance their bacterial water safety testing programs with coliphage monitoring of water sources and water production processes.

Fast Phage approval was based on published performances detailed in Applied Environmental Microbiology and the Journal of the American Water Works Association.

For more information, and to obtain the approved EPA method, contact info@charm.com or call 978-687-9200.

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Date Published: 13th August 2013

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