NEOGEN One Broth One Plate Solutions for Food Pathogen Detection

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14th October 2013  Content supplied by: Sample6

Enrichment Free Pathogen Detection to 1 cfu/ml

Sample6 has secured a $11 million Series B financing round, the funds will be used to commercialize Sample6's first products, Sample6 DETECT/L and Sample6 CONTROL, which are designed to enable in-plant, in-shift pathogen detection in food processing environments.Sample6 DETECT/L is the company's first diagnostic assay and is designed to identify Listeria contamination. Sample6 CONTROL is the company's software platform, which is used by food companies to plan, execute, remediate and analyze food safety programs.Sample6 provides the world's first synthetic-biology based bacteria diagnostic system that allows for enrichment-free detection and subsequent remediation of pathogens in less than eight hours, or a single work shift. The tests are able to detect levels of bacteria as low as one colony forming unit in one milliliter of liquid in only a few hours. The company's proprietary Bioillumination Platform™ allows for detection through engineered bioparticles, or biosensors, that target and illuminate contaminating bacteria.

'We are poised to bring to market our diagnostic and data analytics solutions that have the power to radically change, at first, the food industry's safety processes - taking a detection and remediation process that takes days down to one that takes hours,' noted Tim Curran, CEO of Sample6.

Both the Sample6 DETECT and the Sample6 CONTROL are expected to be available in the first half of 2014.




Date Published: 14th October 2013

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