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6th June 2018  Content supplied by: Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.

Endotoxin-Specific LAL Reagents for Every User and for Every Method

Wako LAL Pyrostar ES - F Multi Test KitFUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corp. offer the PYROSTAR™ ES-F series of reagents which are a unique endotoxin specific line of Limulus Amebocyte Lysate products formulated to be used either qualitatively as a gel-clot reagent or quantitatively as a kinetic-turbidimetric reagent.

When combined with Wako's high quality chromogenic assay, endotoxin-free accessories, state of the art instrumentation and exclusive products for sample inhibition and endotoxin extraction from medical devices, this line of LAL reagents have truly been designed “for every user and for every method”.

Features and Benefits of PYROSTAR™ ES-F Series include:

  • Endotoxin-specific lysate avoids false positives
  • Available in multi-test or single-test vials
  • Can be used for either gel-clot or KTA methods
  • KTA performed on microplate or tube reader
  • Available in various gel-clot sensitivities including high sensitivity (0.015EU/ml)
  • Available with matched control standard endotoxin
  • FDA licensed and approved
  • Chromogenic reagents, endotoxin free consumables and 21CFR, part 11 compliant instrument

Download Wako Pyrostar Catalog of LAL Reagent Products for Detection of Bacterial Endotoxin or visit www.wakopyrostar.com



Date Published: 6th June 2018

Source article link: http://www.wakopyrostar.com

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