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ELISA/IIFT Serological Diagnostic Test for Zika Virus

EUROIMMUN AG has developed the first complete test package worldwide for the serological detection of Zika virus infections.

The ELISA and indirect immunofluorescence tests allow the determination of specific antibodies (IgM, IgG) against the virus in the blood of infected patients.

The EUROIMMUN tests are now available for the diagnosis of Zika virus infections and will shortly be used in studies on the subject at the Fiocruz (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz), an institute linked to the Brazilian health ministry.

“We have reacted immediately to the acute demand and developed ELISA and indirect immunofluorescence tests which we have evaluated in cooperation with the Bernhard-Nocht Institute in Hamburg. The tests are suitable for the fast screening of large sample numbers and therefore enable monitoring of the virus spread,” says Katja Steinhagen, head of the ELISA Infectious Serology department at EUROIMMUN AG.

The antibody tests from EUROIMMUN can detect both acute infections (in most cases from the fifth day after onset of symptoms) and past infections with Zika virus. Test systems for the direct detection of the virus (e.g. PCR) are only able to detect infections up to 5 days after onset of symptoms – after this, the virus itself is no longer detectable. “Our ELISAs are based on very specific, recombinant antigens which are produced in our own research laboratories. Positive results are a clear indicator of a Zika virus infection” says Katja Steinhagen. “And our special immunofluorescence mosaics help laboratory physicians to investigate patient samples for other viral fever diseases in parallel. This is important for differential diagnosis, since in Latin America there are also dengue and chikungunya viruses, which cause similar symptoms and are transmitted by the same species of mosquitoes as the Zika virus. We hope our test systems can help to clarify as soon as possible whether there is a link between the cases of microcephaly and Zika infections”.


Anti-Zika Virus ELISA/IIFT

  • Anti-Zika Virus ELISA (IgG/IgM) # EI 2668-9601 G/M - Highly specific test with reduced cross-reactivity to other flaviviruses by use of virus-specific NS1 antigen, Fully automatable
  • IIFT Arboviral Fever Mosaic 2 (IgG/IgM) # FI 2668-1 G/M - Comprehensive syndrome and region-specific profile for differential diagnosis*


Serological test for Zika Virus

* IIFT BIOCHIP mosaic includes infected cells with DENV: dengue virus (serotypes 1, 2, 3 and 4); CHIKV: chikungunya virus and ZIKV: Zika virus


These tests are approved by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, ANVISA, and are CE-marked.




Date Published: 23rd February 2016

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